Mass during the morning or evening


Do you all prefer going to mass in the morning or in the evening? And does it matter the time of the day? Let me know what you all think below.


I like to go in the morning so I can start my day off with mass. Having mass be my first action of the day just colors the rest of it.


I like weekday mornings but I generally prefer (but not always) Saturday vigil to Sunday morning. I like to confess before the Saturday vigil and then sit in pew and say my penance prayers and be in the presence of the Lord until Mass starts. Also the vigil seems less crowded and more quiet before and during Mass.


Definitely evening. Mornings are for sleeping. :sleeping: :zzz:


Morning is my preference but I do go to low mass in the evening some weekdays as that is when it is offered


Morning is better imo so that the day can properly start with Him.


On the other hand, evening Mass can be an opportunity to offer the fruits and trials of the day to God. To “unload,” if you will.

That said, I also prefer to begin my day with Mass, though in the grand scheme of things I will take a Mass anytime I can get one.


8am is the earliest Mass at my parish so that’s what I go to. If they switched to 7am or even 6am I’d be happy too. I am always up by 5am, today 4am… I have the sleep schedule of someone much older, maybe it’s the sleep apnea (I use an Auto BiPap, no worries) lol.


For OF, evening. The morning OF is filled with jangly guitar music.

For EF, also evening. My perception of mass is so much better then.


That really grinds my gears… I made it to the 6pm Mass on the HDO and of course, jangly guitar music.


I think some people really need to update their views of what flies in Church. Even some priests. Next thing you know, Father himself will be up at the altar, guitar in hand, clad in stole and chasuble, playing folksy numbers to the exasperated congregation at a rate so painfully slow it borders on a miracle they ever end. I thank God for a non-musical mass every Sunday evening, celebrated reverently, (almost) as intended. And the low mass in my local oratory I go to every two or three weeks. The contrast is amazing.


Are you talking about daily mass


I am the opposite. Evening Masses are sleepy time for me. :sleepy:

Unfortunately, my work schedule precludes Sunday morning Mass, so I offer up Saturday evening attendance as a penance :upside_down_face:


Morning. But only because I am not well enough to function later in the day. Still if it is only in the evening then I’ll find a way, but by choice morning.


any mass, including sundays and holy days of obligation


I prefer Morning Mass. That way I can take the rest of the day not constantly reminding myself to make sure I go to Mass.


Well there is very limited options here , of different times. We go when Mass is on.


Lately I’ve been going to the Saturday vigil Mass because it’s convenient to where I work.

Also if I go on Saturday night I can listen to the EWTN radio Mass on Sunday morning.

If I go on Sunday morning I prefer the early morning “no frills” Mass with no music.


I prefer the Saturday Vigil Mass. I’m not a morning person, recently retired, live alone. On the occasions when I have attended the Sunday 7 am and 9 am Mass, I feel less focused. The 11 am Mass is too crowded and noisy for me. My entire Saturday is focused on Mass, anticipation, participation, then contemplation in the evening. It works for me.


I go to Sunday Mass on Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM in my Parish Church.

When I have to read on Saturdays I go to the 5:30 PM Mass but I ONLY go on Saturdays when I have to read. If I am doing something on Saturdays or get busy I don’t like to stop to get ready for Mass.

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30 AM.

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