Mass followed by confession (venial sins)

Hello. I am a long time viewer of these forums but have never joined. I have a question about an unusual confession time and the ability to recieve the eucharist. The church I attend has one mass in the morning and another late at night every sunday. Confession is only offered before the late mass. I cannot attend the late one but can show up for confession beforehand. sorry if this is a dumb question I am a fairly recent convert. I go to confession about once every three weeks to a month. I attend mass and recieve communion only when not concious of any mortal sin and having observed the fast etc. I still want to confess my venial sins even though they are forgiven at mass. something seems odd about going to mass and then confession afterward. try as I might, I am unable to find anything really wrong with it though. if I were aware of mortal sin or something I would not recieve. is there anything actually wrong with doing this? It is the only time in the week when confession is offered.

I am not sure what you are concerned about, but no, I don’t see anything at all wrong with what you are doing.

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Your instincts are correct, it’s good to go to confession for venial sins, even if we have already had them forgiven by the Eucharist. The reason is because you receive particular graces to help you combat those specific sins in confession.

So no, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it is highly encouraged that you do so. Just be courteous of the other mass goers and try to keep your confession brief so that those in a state of sin can still confess. :thumbsup:

There’s a book called “Frequent Confession” by Benedict Baur that deals a lot with these and other topics relating to Confession. I highly encourage you to read it!


You should still go to confession even if the order seems strange, for example with Divine Mercy Sunday tomorrow, doing so is part of the the normative for receiving the indulgence associated with this devotion. So, tomorrow, you attend Mass, receive communion, participate in the DM prayers, and then go to confession ( Feast of Divine Mercy (EWTN)

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