Mass for Unborn?



Friends of mine are having a baby who it appears is perfectly healthy to this point. I was invited to a baby “shower” and was considering a gift certificate (since I cna never think of the right gift) AND having Mass said for the baby before it’s born….but I’ve never heard of this.

Can this be done? Or should I wait till after she is born? Also should I get parents permission?




It’s a lovely idea. Prayers for a safe delivery and health of mom and baby. Wonderful!
The parish will send them a card. Keep in mind, that these things book up quickly. Even though you request the Mass now, it may be after the child is born before it occurs. See the parish Secretary to book it.
God bless.


I have never heard of it either, but I think it is a lovely idea. I would have loved that when I was pregnant. You are a thoughtful friend.


Good idea.


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