Mass grave for young children found at former Catholic orphanage

Mass grave for young children found at former Catholic orphanage

DUBLIN – A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland, government-appointed investigators announced Friday in a finding that offered the first conclusive proof following a historian’s efforts to trace the fates of nearly 800 children who perished there.

The judge-led Mother and Baby Homes Commission said excavations since November at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, had found an underground structure divided into 20 chambers containing “significant quantities of human remains.”

The commission said DNA analysis of selected remains confirmed the ages of the dead ranged from 35 weeks to 3 years old and were buried chiefly in the 1950s, when the overcrowded facility was one of more than a dozen in Ireland offering shelter to orphans, unwed mothers and their children. The Tuam home closed in 1961.

The history of unwed mothers forced into hard labor is a well-documented dark chapter in Irish history.

I’m curious what the Right to be Born folks not the Right to Life (Requires cradle to grave support for life) will have to say. It lessens the moral authority of those who jugde sinners outside the Church.

This is despicable. How did the children die? I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago about mixed raced people that grew up in this orphanage.

It’s very disheartening to hear stories like these. Unfortunately, we are flawed humans that sometimes commit the most heinous crimes against other humans.

I remember seeing something like this a while back and I remember not seeing anything about it a while after that as it turned out being a hoax

Forgive my ignorance. Is the outrage over the fact that the children were not buried individually or that they died in such large numbers to begin with? Is it sinful to bury people in mass graves if the situation seems to require it (e.g., in times of war, severe famine, epidemics, etc)?

Same story as a few years ago

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