Mass grave of up to 800 children found.

This hoax was reported way back in 2014.

Apparently, they launched an investigation in 2015 regarding the “hoax”. The report was released on Friday.

Hopefully, they will find the causes of death.…-is-fake-news/

Your link is broken. However, the report doesn’t state how many, but it does state they found a “significant amount of human remains” ranging in ages from 35 weeks fetuses to 3 years of age.

This link works for me:

Aren’t there elections in Ireland coming up? Timing is suspicious. And reading the article shows its old news and nothing suspicious. The site was a home for unwed mothers in a time of great hardships, all deaths properly recorded, though no burial records can be located save one…just some catholic bashing. Luckily we forgive!

There is a sin called credulity - a sin against the truth - granting credence to something simply because it is heard, read or watched, and without performing due diligence. The sins of rash judgment and detraction soon follow. The media are the main purveyors of occasions to these sins. If we are to assume the worst, where is infanticide in Church teaching?

Now, how to blame President Trump for this… :rolleyes:

It’s not a hoax, there is a mass grave for children who died in the home of disease and malnutrition.

I lost half a cup of coffee to this comment. No seriously, I expect you to buy me a new one…

I don’t understand what’s fake about it. Ireland officials are saying that they have found human remains. Bill Donahue quoted from the report that significant quantities of human remains were found.

Please post something showing that it is fake.

This story has been “around the horn” a couple of times.

OK, so we know the what. Do we know the why, or are we imposing our biases and prejudices upon the unknown? I suggest a heartfelt a prayer for all involved.

That is incredibly sad. I hope some good can come out of it, for those who have died and for any family left.
Sad all around.

Prayer is needed indeed.

There is no question that, until recently, Ireland was a very poor country with high infant mortality. There were certainly infant deaths at these charity homes. However, today, the enemies of the Church are implying that the nuns and/or the Church deliberately wanted children to die and hid their deaths.

There was another thread on this a day or so ago and it was eventually closed.
I am not sure if this is an update on an old story. :shrug:

The original allegations were in 2014. They started an investigation in 2015 and released a report of the findings on Friday. The original reporter was able to recover 796 death certificates, but only 2 burial records.

Here are a series of posts by Caroline Farrow regarding the reporting of this story back in 2014 to her latest post regarding Taum from March 4th 2017:

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Tuam, not Taum :slight_smile: pronounced Choom.

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