Mass Hymns?

This is not specific to one hymn that touches you, rather all the music during mass. I’ve searched hi and lo to try and find “mass music” sung just like in my American church. You know like “Holy! Holy! Holy!”, not someones interpretation or spin on it. Can anyone help direct me to a location or artist? I’m a firefighter and often work Sundays and deeply miss not going to mass with my wife and kids. I am usually able to find time during the day to read a bit and would love to have the Mass hymns on my iPod. Thanks for your input!

Every parish is bound to have its interpretation or spin on this and other Mass parts. Perhaps you could ask your parish’s music director for more information about what is being used and then go from there?

Search for specific hymns on iTunes?

You won’t find them exactly as sung in your church; that’s unique to that building and set of human voices; but you might find a version you like equally well.


Can you not ask the priest or those doing the music where they get the music from. I will have a good look for you but not knowing how your American Church sings them I wont know where to start. What hymn book do they use? will be good insight to know where to begin?


This website gives music directors options for hymns - for each Sunday they usually post the hymns from iTunes so you can buy them directly - usually for 99 cents.

John Michael Talbot’s Table of Plenty has many songs that I sang growing up.

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