Mass in Barcelona. Suggestions?

Heading to Barcelona soon. Was thinking about going to Mass at Santa Maria del Mar but am open to suggestions.

There are many churches in Barcelona so if you are staying in the city, I´m sure you will find one just by walking 5 minutes. I remember spening quite some time at two different churches as well as the church called La sagrada familia. Both of these two regular churches had mass every night during our stay (as far as I know). If you know some Spanish, I would consider to check whether on the mass are in Spanish or Catalan, because that is various between the different churches.

A lot of people in Barcelona aren´t really with speaking English, so skills in Spanish will help you. Some people speak good, but some doesn´t speak it at all.

I hope you will enjoy your stay!

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My Spanish is ok , my French is good enough so that when combined with my Spanish I can at least read Catalan somewhat well. I figured that for Mass I’d just do the standard up when they’re up, down when they’re down, kneeling when they’re kneeling and saying responses in my mind or under my breath in English.
I know we’re touring the Sagrada Familia but I was unsure about Mass there. The last time we went there, the vibe I got there was that of an architectural museum rather than holy place of worship…but that was several years ago and perception can be a tricky thing. Of course I know the Mass will be fine and valid and all there but didn’t know if some churches were more friendly (for lack if a better adjective) than others.

If you’re looking for high-quality liturgical music, you might ask here:
Ignore if that’s not what you are looking for.

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I went to Barcelona and visited the Sagrada Familia. This was maybe 7-8 years ago and the church building was very much a construction site both inside and outside. Since then it has been consecrated as a church with Mass celebrated there on a regular basis Pueri Cantores had a big gathering there last summer and the children/youth choir of my parish sang there.

I would love to go back one day and maybe spend half a day there. (With a book about the church so I know what Gaudi had in mind when he designed the church.)

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Dont forget to go to the Sagrada Familia also when your in any city go inside any church you go past if its open you will be suprised what you will find in churches you have never heard of.

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