Mass in Germany

Hello People,

I am going to Germany for Christmas. Can anyone reccomend a good place to go for Midnight Christmas Mass. I am also wondering what Mass would be like in the super massive Cathedral in Cologne.:slight_smile:

Germany is a pretty big place.

Where exactly were you going to be on Christmas or Christmas Eve?

This is a bit off-topic, but if you are going to be there before Christmas, I would definitely check out the Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt). Mass at the Cologne Cathedral is very nice. I’m assuming because you mentioned it that you are going to be in Cologne, or in the area? I happen to have a favorite church in Cologne. It is Sankt Aposteln, and it is right near the square called “Neumarkt”.

We used to travel 45 minutes each way on public transit to go to this church. Not because it was our only option, but because we loved it so much. (We actually lived right next door to another church.) I went to kindergarten at this church’s kindergarten. On Sundays at 10 they have a sung Latin novus ordo. They also have a “family Mass” but I don’t know when that is. I imagine that their Midnight Mass is beautiful, although the public transit didn’t run late enough for me to go. :crying:

Their pastor is theologically sound, at least as far as I know, and gives lovely homilies. My favorite quote about religion comes from him: “Do not speak about your religion unless you are asked. But live your life so that people will ask.”

I had better stop now before I get myself all upset.

I don’t know anything about Mass in Cologne but do remember the Mass in Germany as being very beautiful. Many years ago my son was in the American Army and was stationed in Fulda, the seat of the Catholic Church in Germany. I went over to take care of my grandson in the late 80’s and preferred to go to Mass at the Cathedral even though the Mass was in German and I didn’t understand it. As I recall there was a chapel on the Army post which the Church shared with other denominations, but the Mass at the Cathedral was so beautiful I usually attended Mass there. I also recall the men’s choir which was so fabulous the hymns would bring tears to my eyes.
I hope you have a safe trip.

**If you can go to Mass in the Cathedral in Koln, by all means do it!

If you are able to travel, experience as much of Germany & if you are interested in becoming Catholic, go to Rome & visit the Holy sites there for inspiration!**

i don’t normally like Wikipedia, but here’s some general info:

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Pecaatoribus!


I am going to go. I can hardly wait!

I went to Rome before and the Vatican. It was AMAZING! I took a bunch of pictures, but unofortunately, I lost them.:frowning:

I wanted to attend Christmas Mass in the Vatican, but unfortunately I will not be able to get a Passport in time.:crying:

Thankfully because of Germany’s military air travel, it is the one place in Germany I can or want to go for leave without a passport.

If you are in Germany before Christmas I would recommend taking the train to Mainz. The Cathedral in Mainz is right off the main square. I attended two Advent Masses there last year. I can’t remember if the Mass was at 9am or 10am but it was amazing. There was a full childrens choir and 3 Priests. One other awesome thing was that the Cathedral was relatively dark when Mass began but at the time of the Consecration the son rose and was streaming in through the windows…an awesome sight. If you go, dress warmly because there is no heat in the Cathedral.

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