Mass in Italy

I am going to Italy for a month this summer. How should I go about finding a church for Mass? Is there a website that can help me out?

If you are going to any of the major cities in Italy you will have no problems finding a Mass. When I went there I basically checked the Mass schedule at the main church in the city when I arrived. Even the smaller villages have some local church. Unless you are going somewhere that does not have a Catholic presence, you should have no issues finding a church and a Mass.

If you don’t mind going to Mass in Italian, you will be able to find churches everywhere without problem.

If you want a Mass in English, google “English speaking mass” and the name of the city.

For example, in Rome Santa Susanna is the parish for English speaking expatriates and visitors. You can visit their website. You can start with Santa Susanna and ask them if they know of other English speaking parishes throughout Italy. You don’t say where you will be.

Here is the list of TLM masses in Italy

The town is called Piobbico, which is a small town in the Marche region.

This is the website of the archdiocese. It probably has Mass times for its parishes, but my Italian is not so great :wink:

When you get to your Hotel they will be able to tell you , should you ask

It does…or at least for some churches…

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