Mass in Lourdes: Watch the host

At around 39 seconds:

Another view:

Wow. Have any Church officials said anything about it?

I have a hard time believing that a miracle like this would happen and that there would be absolutely no reaction from the three priests present. :confused:

I don’t think most people would have noticed because of where they were standing, in fact the main priest doesn’t seem to have realized it. Though what would one expect him to do? Jump? If he did notice it he probably had a profound experience…

Come on, no look of surprise, no widened eyes? He reaches for the Host like he expects to be able to slip his fingers under it and not have to actually pick it up.

From his perspective he was looking from above. But maybe he just has a very profound faith and realized what happened in this very sacred moment. Catholics believe the host is God Himself made into food for us.

Its difficult to say this video is legit. But since I’m not officially qualified to make any tangible judgement I’ll have to stay neutral. I tried looking up resources on the date of this video at the Vatican and nothing thus far shows officially of any investigation, though not to conclude their hasn’t been. In hindsight knowing how the Vatican diligently handles these investigations with great prudence I wouldn’t expect any Vatican information to be forth-coming any time soon and likely years, possibly decades.

Here’s another video where the video claim was from the Vatican.

Due to the sensationalism of both videos I’m trying to think that in a Vatican investigation, requested by parish priest witnesses, officials would ask for the original copy of the video before permitting such to be aired over a secular media streaming site such as Youtube to thwart off ridicule.
I don’t know. :shrug:

True, but that being said, the words of consecration had not yet occurred, so whether or not it was a bona fide miracle, until the priest said the words of consecration the bread was floating, not God Himself.

At any rate, I’m not one to deny potential miracles just because, but the lack of reaction by the priests there makes me weary.

It is what it is. The host was consumed; not sure what the point of an investigation would be. We believe ordinary bread turns into the actual Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, which is an infinitely greater miracle than a levitating host. Though if you look at the video at 1:26 it almost looks like if the host is still somewhat slightly “floating away” from the priest’s hands.

Respectfully; neither you, I or anybody else is qualified except for Vatican officials to make any real conclusion what it is or what it is not, no matter what the video depicts.

Saying It Is What It Is; places subjective finality unless theirs Vatican approval the video remains inconclusive.

Realize that these things are just that. Not everything has to be investigated simply because no one is making any claim. The video just shows what apparently looks like a levitating host. Now it’s either a hoax, an optical illusion or a levitating host. Though these days by the way most Catholics do not even attend Church or if they do many seem to be bored, distracted or indifferent to what is happening at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, I am not surprised that god allows such incidents to spark faith in the hearts of the flock.

This video has been on youtube for at least 5 years so you’d think, considering it’s supposed to have happened in 1999, that we’d have heard something before now – if only “It’s being investigated”. The likelyhood is that it’s got something to do with the photography more than anything else.

Whether what we saw actually happened or not, we have our faith and focusing on Our Lord is what we should be doing.

If indeed it was a special sign from the Lord, I am not surprised that the priests did not physically show that they were aware of it. It would affect them interiorly, but their outward peace and calm remains.

The best elated miracle of the Holy Eucharist happens every time I attend Mass and see what is hidden miraculously at the Holy Sacrifice on the Altar of the Lord.

Am I an unbeliever of miracles? Certainly not! Every miracle reported to the Catholic Church gets investigated and scrutinized under ridged testing. We could both rationalize for days or years over the video footage but all would amount to pure speculation despite our Faith. Why not humbly allow the Vatican to make final assertion of what is depicted in the videos. I’m not here to demean anything you bring up. Only to say others are far more qualified than both of us including this entire CAF site to make official consensus.


make your own conclusions on this one. No official investigation needed. Again, what exactly do you expect them to investigate? no one is making any claim.

As I understand it, a miracle is a supernatural manifestation in the natural world. If that’s true, it would seem to me that transubstantiation, since it is not manifested in the natural world (the bread still appears to be bread and no investigation could say otherwise) would not technically qualify as a miracle. A levitating host, however, because it is a natural manifestation and subject to investigation, would be a potential miracle.

I’d really like to hear someone try and explain THIS. The “photography” just happened to levitate and vibrate only the host while managing to leave everything else in the shot completely unaffected. That’s one smart camera! :rolleyes:

I watched both of the videos linked in the original post and it looked to me like the host sort of popped up, wobbled and then stayed up. I wonder if there is something in the dish that lifts it to make it easier for the priest to get his fingers under it… if you look closely in the second link to YouTube, you can see beneath the host but you cannot see the green of the priests robe. It looked like the same color as the dish the host was resting in. That might explain the lack of reaction from the priest.
Just a thought.

Can anyone say “photo-shop”?

When you watch it full screen, and look for the appropriate things behind the host, through the space underneath the levitating host, it all seems distorted.

I am also suspicious as to why the comments feature has been turned off.

I suppose anything can be done these days with computers, though if you watched the Spanish TV reporting show in the second video, and if you knew Spanish, they make it clear that various image specialists had inspected the recording said there was no pixel or image manipulation of the video.

The video was shot Nov. 7, 1999 in the minor basilica in Lourdes by the Bishops of Lyons and Paris and it was broadcast live on French television. As for the comments features turned off that’s pretty common; often people who hate religion have hateful and insulting things to say. But the video has been around for years and there are other sites with comments “ON”.

Could it be a hoax? Sure. Could it be real? Why not? There are plenty of Eucharistic miracles, and people seem ready to believe the miracles that occurred in 700 AD or 1273 or 1345 but not so ready to believe those that have occurred in modern times. Ecclesiastic authorities have decided not to comment officially on the event but many who have viewed the video believe it was a miracle. We are free to be doubting Thomases.

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