Mass in the Home?

Howdy ya’ll-- I’m new here, coming into the Fold after 20 years as a Protestant (not. easy.) and I had a question.

Here’s my situation: My parents are not letting me use the car to go to Mass because they don’t want me to convert. While it is very petty of them, it is their car, as I cannot yet afford my own. I was wondering if there was some way I could celebrate a sort of mini-Mass at my house. Naturally, there would be no Eucharist (so sad) and I wouldn’t have the benefit of a homily. All the same, I would like to see what options are available to a person in my position. This seems to be very learned site and I have benefited greatly from reading the discussions in several forums.

So there! I’d appreciate any advice ya’ll could offer, especially as I cannot find any information on this anywhere!


Hello and welcome.If there is no way to physically attend Mass,You can go to the EWTN(Eternal word television network)on your computer and participate.They offer Daily Mass.They are all Catholic,all the time.Prayers for you and your family.Ward:)

Well, your solution would not satisfy the obligation of attending Mass, so I would consider other options. First, try public transit. Are there any buses that run on Sunday or Saturday afternoon which would allow you to get to Mass? Another option might be to ask a friend if he/she might give you a lift to and from Mass. Finally, I’d call the parish Priest and explain the situation to him. The parish might have transportation available that can pick you up and then bring you back home again. Many parishes provide this service for the elderly and those without transportation. Usually in the form of volunteers that use their own vehicles. If none of these options are available, then I suppose the next best thing to being there would be to turn on EWTN and watch the Mass. At least you’ll be able to get the readings though of course no Holy Communion. Again, this last option does not negate your obligation to attend Mass IF you can find a way to be there. Therefore, I’d keep trying until something opens up and you have a reliable way to get to and from Mass every weekend. God bless and take care.

no you cannot celebrate a “mini-Mass” in your home. You are not a priest you cannot “celebrate” a Mass at all by yourself. What you can do is honor your parents as long as you are a minor living in their home, and I hardly think such an action would be honoring them. What you can also do, and unless they are completely anti-Christian, they should encourage you to do so, is read prayerfully and meditate with the Sunday readings at home. If they allow it you may also watch a televised Mass such as on EWTN and join the prayers, and make an act of spiritual communion. This will not be the same as attending Mass, and does not meet the Sunday obligation, but if you genuinely cannot get to Mass you have no obligation.

If you are no longer a minor, their effort to control and manipulate you in a matter of conscience like this is very problematical, and it is time to start looking at ways and planning your independence, get a job and a car. If there is public transport or another means of getting to Mass available take advantage of it. If you are not yet Catholic, you have no obligation, but attend daily Mass when you have the chance.

I was looking through my Book of Prayers last night, actually, and found the Act of Spiritual Communion, so methinks that will be perfect.
I’m not quite yet Catholic (but still a Christian) and going to school in the Dallas area. I’m just home for the holidays. I do love attending Mass, but if there is not true “obligation” yet that at least can be a comfort while I bide my time here. Especially if it ends up that I cannot find ANY way to get to Mass.
As to the wording of “mini-Mass”-- I realize that must have sounded bad. I know that I’m not a priest, hah. All I was trying to get to was some way to participate in Mass as much as I could in the interim.

Thanks ya’ll!

Good luck finding a solution here. I’ll keep you in my prayers.:slight_smile:

Houston is a huge area. There has got to be a church near you that you can visit via the bus. You might want to visit the Archdiocesan website to see what’s out there. Folks your age like to go to the mall and hang out (hey, I’m 40 and I still like to go to the Mall). Maybe, during a Saturday excursion, you could plan it around visitng the Galleria and then walking to the church closest to the downtown area and make it on time for the Saturday vigil Mass. And then go back home.

Of, if you have any Catholic friends, see if they can ride with them to Mass? These might be viable solutions. Of course, listening to Mass on the internet via EWTN is another option (although you won’t get the same satisfaction as being there live). The archiodese might have Mass broadcast from the cathedral. Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile talking to priest about whether someone can give you a lift.

People often celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours alone. Perhaps Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer would be suitable.

Another option would be to have a Celebration of the Word of God. This is similar to the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. The normal structure (from Ceremonial of Bishops, Liturgical Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8146-1818-9, page 77, n. 226):
Introductory Rites (song, greeting, prayer).
Readings from Sacred Scripture with “songs or psalms or intervals of silence interspersed”.
Silent reflection (optional)
Our Father
Concluding Prayer by presider

If doing this alone, it would make sense to make it more like the Liturgy of the Hours. The readings could be those for the Mass of the day.

More information on this is in “Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest” which is at .

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