Mass in the Middle Ages

My son is doing a paper on the Mass in the Middle Ages. Can anyone recommend a some good, sound books? Thanks for you help!

I do not know books.
I googled it and found lots of precious material.

I have a degree in history…while there are some good online sources, a lot of them have sources behind them and are just someone’s ideas. I do not recommend it, I use it cautiously as a starting place, basically if they do not quote or cite trustworthy references, they probably are not trustworthy.

That being said—the place I would start would actually be the website of Regia Anglorum–a very accurate historical re-enactment group, these guys are serious and publish good papers based on research. There’s a “contact us” and I am sure they would be happy to help. There is also a brief section on their website about the church and other basics of medieval life—it is strictly England though, not the rest of Europe.

In order to suggest books—there are many! Art, architecture, theology, music…is the paper just on the Mass itself? There are plenty of documents written regarding the Mass and liturgy, not all in English though, some not published.

Exhibit at Boston College, information along with the art:

Catholic online encyclopedia:

Possibly, “The Mass of the Roman Rite: Its Orgins and Development,” by J. A. Jungmann

Just a piece of advice: in the Middle Ages, there were quite a number of liturgical rites and variations on said rites (the so-called ‘uses’) throughout Europe. Is your son doing a paper on the Liturgy as throughout the Church a whole, or is he focusing on a specific rite? :slight_smile:

Dom Fernand Cabrol’s The Mass of the Western Rites is a good introduction to various liturgies which once flourished across Western Christendom. For the Roman Rite as it was practiced in the early medieval period, Ordo Romanus Primus by E.G. Atchley (1905) is also one source.

The Liturgies, Eastern and Western series has the original texts or translations of various liturgies from both the Eastern and Western Churches. Unfortunately it seems that only the first volume (on Eastern liturgies) is available on the web right now. If he is also going to study about the East, this might be of some help.

The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church (1881) is a nice study of the Celtic Rites. (Contains a lot of Latin though. ;))

I don’t know if your son could read Latin, but supposing that he could, then a look through original texts could also be of benefit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your help. He could not find enough books for that topic so we switched to a different topic.

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