Mass intention question

I had requested a mass intention for tomorrow’s Mass for my husband’s grandmother. I got the bulletin today in which the Mass intentions are listed, and it has the right first name, but the wrong last name. I know that Father looks at the bulletin before Mass to know who to offer the Mass for. Should I email him and let him know the right name, or should I just let it be and figure that God knows who the Mass is for?

God knows who the Mass is for, but you could email your priest anyway.
The parish secretary may have been distracted when typing in your husband’s grandmother’s name. If you happened to receive an email reply, it could be of comfort to your husband, to whom his grandmother is unique and special.

I’m sorry for your family loss. God bless and comfort you all.
May God bless and welcome her soul.

Thanks, I may mention it to him tomorrow before Mass. I know that it was just an honest mistake by the secretary.

The loss of my husband’s grandmother is not a recent one - she passed away several years ago - but she was a very special lady. Tomorrow would be her 109th birthday!

Thanks for the reply!

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