mass intientions

What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone:confused::confused:

If the person that the Mass is offered for needs purification in Purgatory, the Mass helps greatly!

If not, then someone else in Purgatory will have the benefits assigned to them. (by the Lord.)

That is my understanding.

This might be partially correct but one does not need to be dead for a Mass to be said for them.

It means that the particular intention of the priest who is offering that Mass is to pray for the person whether living or deceased. In other words, that particular Mass is “dedicated” for that person or that particular prayer intention. I put that word in quotes because I’m searching for synonyms for “offered.”

Here’s how it works.

John dies. His neighbor contacts Father Jones and asks to “have a Mass offered for John.” Father sends a notice (usually a sympathy card called a Mass card) to John’s widow telling here that during 9 o’clock Mass next Sunday Father will be praying especially for the soul of John, and that this was requested by the neighbor.

They can also be for the living.

John is in the hospital. His neighbor contacts Father. Father sends a card to John informing him that the Mass will be “offered” for the intention of John’s health.

Yes! One can have a Mass said for a personal special intention.

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