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Hi all. This is my first post to this forum (but not my first visit). My question is related to some issues I have noticed with the way my Parish Priest (PP) has celebrated Mass recently, and would like your advice on how to tackle these. The key issues are:-

  • he constantly changes the readings and Gospel from he/his to he & she / his and hers - in yesterday’s Gospel he got confused and changed a ‘He’ to a ‘You’ and completely lost the meaning of the Gospel (he got so confused that he decided to leave out the remaining half of the Gospel).

  • he sees no issue if the Ministers of the Eucharist dress as if they have just come from a Disco

  • he makes references to ‘welcoming diversity’ in regards tio divorcees, sexuality, other religiions etc This is a good thing - but he makes no effort to explain the Church’s teaching in this regards

  • the biggest moral issues facing Ireland at the moment are the abortion debate and gay marriage - but our PP would rather spend time talking about how we should set up local self help groups and social clubs. In fact he left out the Credo yesterday (and last week) as he spend so long talking about the next social initiative (which always fails to bring in the crowds).

I am unclear as to why these matters irritate me so much (especially as I am not the greatest practicing Catholic). I think it’s because I hassle my young children to go to Mass every Sunday as I believe it’s important for our failth and spiritual well-being, but I often feel that our PP is just going through the motions (and may be embarrased to talk about some of the controverial topics - especillay since the recent child abuse scandals).

So my question is - do I approach the PP directly or indirectly (signed letter / email), and are there clear liturgical (etc) references highlighting if any of my ‘issues’ are grounded. Best regards Adrian


You need to speak to your priest directly about these things. Call and make an appointment.

There are certain times when the Creed can be omitted on a Sunday, but another form must take it’s place - such as that used in a baptism. However, he may just have accidentally omitted it since it is not a regular occurance.

Does your parish have a regular RCIA program or some kind of adult education program? That may be where Father is delivering his training on church teaching for the divorced or others. It would be good if every priest talked about what we believe in regards to faith and morals in every homily. Sadly it doesn’t happen.

Building community in the parish is not a bad thing. Your priest doesn’t seem too gifted at that and it is something that the laity can (and should) easily take on.

Talk to your priest, see what his view of the parish is and why he does what he does. Express your concerns respectfully, and offer to help where you can to build up community - or perhaps get an adult education class going. :thumbsup:


If all else fails–
You can always find another Church with a priest that is more authentic and orthodox in his approach to the mass.


This is not always possible and rarely helpful. In situations where a priest’s actions are not understood, we do well to ask him about what he does, express our concerns respectfully, and see what he says. Often we learn something we didn’t know which can help us to become better Christians. And we can often influence priests to be more orthodox if they know they have support from their parishoners.


I don’t know. Sounds like a sticky situation. The parish I went to last Saturday (Vigil) left out the Gloria; I don’t know why. :shrug:


Every Catholic church has a variance and different culture. Try another church if frustration gets too great.



I agree with you first and foremost. That is why I started with “if all else fails” and I truly mean that OP should “go the distance” with the priest and his parish/bishop first.



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