Mass. judge upholds Pledge of Allegiance’s ‘under God’

From EWTN News:
A Massachusetts judge has rejected a lawsuit that seeks to declare the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional for schoolchildren to recite, drawing praise from those who said the pledge is in line with American traditions.

Schoolchildren who wanted to continue saying the pledge, their parents, and the Knights of Columbus defended the pledge with legal representation from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

Diana Verm, legal counsel at the Becket Fund, said the decision is a “great victory for everyone who believes human rights come not from the whim of the government, but from a higher power, which is what the pledge proclaims.

Middlesex Superior Court Judge Jane Haggerty cited previous court decisions in upholding the words “under God.” She said the pledge is not a religious exercise but “a voluntary patriotic exercise” that teaches “American history and civics.”


As a Knight of Columbus, this makes me extremely happy.

People just like to complain, don’t they?

That is definitely true, but let’s not go too hard on complainers. It was the K of C complaining about the absence of God in the pledge that eventually got “under God” inserted back in the 1950s.

As a resident of Massachusetts, I’m shocked by the ruling.

Happy, but shocked. We don’t usually get commonsense rulings from MA Judges.


A courageous and reasonable judge in Massachusetts! I guess all those prayers we say for our country’s leaders at the many masses said throughout America have their effect.

Jane Haggerty. I’ll remember her name. If we have a pro-life President in our near future it would appear Jane should be on the short list for a SCOTUS nomination. :curtsey:

Presuming of course that she would courageously undergo a vicious gauntlet of character assassination in the apporoval process - by the opposition that will never forgive her for this decision.

And that this “under God” ruling isn’t the only thing she got right. :wink:

This is a nice day for America. I think I’ll fly my flag.

But I’m sure somewhere there is the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.:crying:

Personally I don’t see this as any great victory. The state is indeed under God, but I’m not sure many politicians or even most voters truly believe that. The Pledge of Allegiance anyway was written by a socialist for the purpose of teaching obedience to the state. Adding ‘under God’ did not alter this one bit. The real battle was prayer in schools. That has been definitively found to be illegal. If you can’t pray to God then I’m not sure in what way you are under God.

Well when you think about it, how would we all feel if the oath of allegiance was “one nation under Allah” or “one nation under Shiva”? Probably not that good. People are against it for the same reason why Catholics would be against it if it was the examples I just showed

Catholics would not be against it if Allah was used, except for the fact that it’s arabic and the pledge of allegiance is in English.

Allah is Arabic for God.


Why would the Pledge of Allegiance contain words from a foreign language?

Apart from that having nothing to do with what I said, why not? There’s no official language in America. Your pledge could be J’aime jouer de hockey and there would be nothing improper because there is no official language

Well, you can pretty well bet that if it did contain Allah instead of God, it wouldn’t have been brought to court in the first place.

OK OK I know, I’m becoming a cynic lately.


Funny how neither of you have brought up my mention of Shiva the Hindu goddess

Don’t know many who would advocate Shiva in the pledge of allegiance.


That wasn’t the point. The point was how would you react if it was? You probably wouldn’t be defending the usage of it

Being we as a nation based on Christian/Judaic beliefs, generally don’t believe in multiple god’s, it would never end up as a pledge of allegiance in our schools.

It’s a straw-dog argument.


You missed the whole point entirely. It’s not a matter of if it would happen, it’s what if it was. If you were living in a non-Christian nation and you had to say that you’re a nation under some false God, you would not like it, right?

Perhaps not, but we’re not dealing in the hypothetical but reality.

The pledge of allegiance is part of our heritage and says who we are as Americans.

To censor it, as some have attempted to do is wrong and the judge agreed.


But it is a reality. There’s not only Christians in America and the USA has a separation of Church and State. It’s in your first Amendment and re-affirmed in the Treaty of Tripoli.

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