Mass. Legislature passes 'upskirting' ban


The Massachusetts Legislature today passed a bill banning “upskirting,” a day after the state’s highest court ruled that the state law aimed at prohibiting criminal voyeurism does not apply to taking secret photos up a woman’s skirt.

The legislation, introduced this afternoon, flew through the House and then the Senate with unusual speed. It is now headed to Governor Deval Patrick’s desk.

There is a thread on cell phone case so I posted this just in case someone misses the law.


That didn’t take long.

What’s shocking is that they had to pass a law expressly to ban it because some judge who obviously got his law degree at Ringling Bros. Clown College decided that such an egregious invasion of privacy wasn’t voyeurism.

Sigh… :shrug:


Seems like a pretty obvious law. Just a case where the laws need to be caught up with modern technology. Most of our current voyeurism laws were put in place before the ready availability of camera phones.


In this case I actually agree with the ruling. The judges should follow the law as it is actually written, whether or not something should be a crime in general. In this case the law only provided for a crime if pictures were taken in a private location, and the person was undressed. It’s too bad that it took this happening for the hole in the law to be fixed, but I’d rather not have judges trying to do that.


Agreed. For once, we have a judge who actually did his job: Interpret and apply the law as written and leave changing of the law to the legislative branch.

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