Mass. man says he couldn't afford vet, killed dog

Mass. man says he couldn’t afford vet, killed dog

A Massachusetts man facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly killing his bulldog with a hammer told police the dog was sick and he could not afford to pay a veterinarian to put it down.Charles Berube, of Methuen (meh-THOO’-ehn), appeared in court Thursday. A jury trial is scheduled for Aug. 20.


A hammer!?! Poor dog! :eek::mad::frowning:

Yikes! Yeah a hammer is cruelty. If you have to put the poor thing down, either take it to the vet, or shoot it. Both are effectively painless.

A hammer is cruel? Any of you know how beef die?

The article doesn’t say exactly how it was done. Might have been more humane than sticking a forceps into its skull and sucking its brains out without anaesthetic.

Shooting might be if you know what you’re aiming for and shoot straight. Otherwise, it could be awful. Again, the article doesn’t really say how well the man did it. It could be fairly humane if done well. It’s hard for me to understand the guy being prosecuted just because of the method. There must be more to this.

Are you referring to how cattle are killed at the abbatoir? If you are, yes, its called a hammer. But it is effectively a retractable, reusable bullet - it has the same effect and speed of a bullet, and the beast never knows what hits it. Its very humane.

exactly my thought…

unless you go for kosher meats,

they bludgeon animals to death in slaughter houses…

He should of either shoot the animal at point blank (to ensure he didnt miss and cause more pain) or sharpened a knife and slit the throat.

He said he did not want to burden a shelter with the animal.
*I do not believe him. *
I think this was a very cruel thing to do to the dog :bighanky:

A hammer blow to the head would be as humane as bullet to the head.

As for “bludgeoning” cows - have you actually seen it done? I worked 5 years for IBP (now Tyson) and only saw three times where an animal required a second strike (averaged over 2000 head a day) to put it down. The last thing the guy running the knocker wants is a wounded crazed animal in the pit with him.

The man could have taken his dog to the shelter, but he said he didn’t want to burden the shelter with his dog.

He faces a jury trial on August 20th. I don’t think it will go well for him.

I dunno… if someone can’t afford basic veterinary care for a pet, they probably shouldn’t own a pet. That is why I don’t have one.

:frowning: I am deeply saddened by this.

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