Mass Migration of Muslims to U.S. Mostly a Mirage

Donald Trump might be tapping into Americans’ wariness with his call to stop all Muslims from coming into the U.S., a new poll finds — but the flood of Islamic immigrants is a mirage.

Not one predominantly Muslim nation makes the list of top 10 countries of origin for legal immigrants in 2013, according to the most recent census figures compiled by the Migration Policy Institute.

At #14, Pakistan was the top-ranked Islamic country with 13,251 legal permanent residents — just 1 percent of the total 990,553 immigrants who received Green Cards that year, the figures showed.

It’s not about numbers. Remember that 22 Muslims brought America to its knees on September 11.

Do headline writers always access alliteration apps on their androids? :rolleyes:

What concerns me is the rising number of radicalized Muslims. I’m seeing more and more women dressed in niqabs. Many of them speak with an American accent, so I assume many (not all) have recently started wearing niqabs (either due to their foreign husband, or on their own).

God Bless

Yep and what infuriates me is that now people work harder to defend Muslims than they think about the innocent lives lost. Imho that makes matters worse for Muslims and us.

Should see areas of East London on a Saturday. I find it frightening tbh

The muslims migrating from ME is fleeing from the terror and mass murdering of ISIS. Are we not suppose to help those refugees?

but with them are a number of jihadists who are going to those camps in order to invade the West.

The Islamists are using this refugee crisis as a 21st Century attack on the West, just like they did for centuries during the Crusades. However, this refugee crisis allows them access to different parts of West, and not just the Christian lands along their borders.

Once their numbers are large enough, many parts of Europe feel like Turkey, with great Churches becoming mosques and Christianity being a thing of the past.

Are you being sarcastic? Yes?

Next up you’ll tell me Abdullah Kurdi was living in Syria. My advice is to find out because the MSM are lying through their teeth

Muslims are not a threat to christianity in Europe. Secularization is a problem though. Terrorist threatens all of us, both christians and muslims. What are we going to do, refuse to help the refugees?

Not suspicious that NOW suddenly migrating refugees is a demand when there were Wars raging 10 years ago and as many people were displaced? Also every time money is offered, the UN demand “that that’s not what’s needed”. Its a con and don’t be foolish.

The majority are “Economic migrants”. NOT refugees

Muslims are a MAJOR threat to Christianity in Europe and Sweden specifically.

Reasons are as follows:

  1. Christians in Europe are a very low birth rate. In some nations the birth rate is less than <2 children per parents. Meaning, the Europeans in many nations are NOT replacing themselves, so the population is shrinking.

  2. The Muslims who are migrating in are having 7-8-9-10+ children, sometimes with multiple wives. A lot of Muslim immigrants know that if they continue to have lots of children, that they will be able to effectively have a “bloodless coup” by having a “Islamist” party win elections. First in cities and then eventually, have enough votes to win nationally. When that happens, they can & will consider themselves to be a Muslim country and will establish Islamic Law on the country.

  3. Muslim women are only allowed to marry Muslims. However, Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian women (but the Children MUST be Muslim). There are many Muslim immigrants who are dating Christian women with the goal of “stealing our women.”

Secularization is allowing this invasion to take place because European secularists don’t see it coming (and some actually welcome it because they want Christian cultural dominance to be destroyed).

There some secularist who actually believe that allowing the Islamic influence to grow will result in the death of Christian culture and that access of education (or civil war) will kill the growing Islamic influence, leaving just a culture of anti-religion. This is ACTUALLY the goal of many leftists and UN elite.

Finally, let’s also remember that the UN is the off-spring of the League of Nations, which was created by President Woodrow Wilson, who HATED the Catholic Church.

Do you live in Sweden? I do.

  1. Yes, the birth rate is too low, but that’s not the muslims fault.

  2. Most muslims are not having that many children. The only countries that have over 6 children per women in average are Niger and Somalia. In the Middle East, most people have fewer children than that.

  3. I know muslim women who are married to christian men. Not all muslims are the same. Are you really saying that muslim men has an agenda to “steal our women”? That is ridicolous. If a muslim man and a christian woman wants to marry, it’s their business.

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