Mass. Mother Of Son Killed By Undocumented Immigrant Backs Border Wall

transcript of interview

Well of course…he feelings are quite understandable.

What is not so cut and dry is the effect a wall would have on mothers of children killed in other places in America…if we look at the killers in mass shootings over the last several years, the overwhelming majority of them were natural born U.S. citizens…would a wall have protected the victims?

The U.S. seems quick to call for a wall, but not for gun control…just seems odd to me.


But that’s beside the point.

A wall wouldn’t prevent all crimes against U.S. citizens but it would protect some. Even one is too many.

Many more citizens are killed by illegal aliens than in mass shootings.

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We have a plethora of gun restrictions and lawsalready, so to say we aren’tquick to call for gun control seems odd. Which ones are being enforced and which aren’t? What new measures would you recommend?

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Really?..let’s continue the conversation…you present statistics to support your claim and I will present mine, and let’s see the outcome.

Getting back to this, before I leave the boards for the day.

I could not find the statistic I was looking at yesterday that compared the number of citizens killed by illegals to the number killed in mass shootings.

But, let’s assume that I was wrong.

Even if I was wrong about the comparison, even one is too many, as I said earlier.

I would rather err on the side of the safety of U.S. citizens even if that means we have to tell some people they can’t come to our country.

fair enough…but so not to err on the side of danger, given the high number of crime with guns, and any one death is too many, I can assume that you are for gun control?

because gun control doesn’t work. the drug market will provide the guns when then legal market dries up. it is true only the criminal element will have guns when guns are made illegal. …and true patriots.

a gun works both ways, they can kill, but they can save lives also.

Self-defense is a God-given right. A gun is a useful tool in self-defense.

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like Trump’s wall proposal.

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I generally support the Second Amendment and citizens’ right to own guns.

Having said that, I could go along with restrictions on who can own guns and bans on certain types of weapons, such as those that are more powerful than those owned by the police or military.

You can’t stop all crimes by banning all guns (because you wouldn’t be able to achieve 100% enforcement) but, as you say, if you have some restrictions it might prevent some crimes.

Which guns are they?

I’m not sure exactly which ones.

I’d leave that to a gun expert, which I’m not.

I just suggested that as a possible standard. I generally support gun rights, but I suggested that they may be subject to an upper limit.

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