Mass obligation of the elderly and ill


I am 71 years old and have terminal cancer and find it difficult to get to Sunday Mass. I have a husband who is 85 and cannot walk unassisted also. Are we sinning by not going to Mass on Sundays?


No, in general you would not be. If due to age, infirmity or other valid reasson you are unable to attend you may be excused or dispensed from the obligation. I would recommend that you talk to a Priest however, and explain your entire situation. I’m not sure on the difficulty issue alone, although in your case as stated it would seem that you are fine.


Thanks Mike for your answer regarding Mass obligations for the ill and the elderly. I am going to call the Eucharistic minister and see if she can bring the Eucharist to us once a week since we are unable to make it to Mass on Sunday.


I would suggest you call the priest or the parish secretary. Besides making sure that someone brings you the Eucharist, Father will probably want to come give you the Sacrament for the Sick as well.


You want Father to be aware of your situation so that he can keep in touch.



It is no sin to miss Mass if you cannot get out safely. If it is too difficult to get to church, you can still watch/listen to mass on EWTN daily.

We will pray for you and your husband.


Just to clarify. The Eucharistic Minister is the priest. Lay people are not Eucharistic Ministers. The person who will bring Communion to you is an EMHC (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion).


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