Mass Obligation


I went to mass on Wednesday incase I didn’t get home in time because I’m traveling which seems like the case. Does this count towards the obligation?



Your obligation is only satisfied by attending Mass on the day of obligation or the evening before.


No. A weekday Mass cannot fulfill a Sunday obligation.

If, however, there are truly no Masses available to you, and you honestly make a full effort to try (trying to attend a morning Mass, or evening Mass on Sunday), you are exempt from the obligation. If it is impossible for you to attend Mass, the Church cannot hold it against you.

Keeping in mind that this depends on your intent: If you do have the possibility of attending Mass, but you put it off, you’d be in a state of mortal sin.


Ask your priest for a dispensation, and/or confess it…but before putting too much guilt on yourself, consider that anyone who attends Mass out of “obligation” and not unfettered desire have their own issues to deal with!

Peace and all good!


No, weekday Masses impart grace, but do not fulfill our Sunday obligation. If you are traveling during the time when Masses are being held today, then your obligation is dispensed, but if you are not in actual travel, you can usually find a Mass locally. Just put your location in, and you will find churches in that area.


If you’re going to be traveling on Sunday morning, you might check to see if there is a Mass on Sunday evening. These are becoming more popular in many areas. My parish has an 8:00 PM Sunday night Mass and it is as well attended as any sunday morning Mass. However if this is not practical, you can also ask your priest for a dispensation from attending on the Sunday you will be traveling. He may ask you to substitute a weekday Mass or perform another activity that will count.


Its only Sunday and Holy days what are Obligation


The obligation can also be fulfilled by attending Mass on the evening before a day of Obligation.

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