Mass of christian burial for a practicing homosexual?

Hi ! :smiley: I don’t know exactly where to ask the question. Hopefully , I have the right thread. :o but, if you are a practicing homosexual, can you have a still a mass of Christian burial???
I’m not a homosexual, I’m just curious what the answer is.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

God bless!

Yes. We are all God’s children.

I’m sure many, many practicing homosexuals have been given Christian burials.

Practicing (and very public) philanderers have been buried by the church - eg., the Kennedys!

If someone was flamboyantly “out” and advocating that people oppose the church in an egregious manner that may be a different issue.

The issue there would be the public opposition to church teaching (apostasy) rather than the sin.

This is gay artist Andy Warhol, a daily mass attender (though not apparently a daily communicant) meeting the Pope:

After his death there was a funeral service at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church. After the funeral service, the body was buried at St. John the Divine Cemetery in Bethel Park.

Can.* 1183 §1. When it concerns funerals, catechumens must be counted among the Christian faithful.

§2. The local ordinary can permit children whom the parents intended to baptize but who died before baptism to be given ecclesiastical funerals.

§3. In the prudent judgment of the local ordinary, ecclesiastical funerals can be granted to baptized persons who are enrolled in a non-Catholic Church or ecclesial community unless their intention is evidently to the contrary and provided that their own minister is not available.

Can.* 1184 §1. Unless they gave some signs of repentance before death, the following must be deprived of ecclesiastical funerals:

1/ notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics;

2/ those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith;

3/ other manifest sinners who cannot be granted ecclesiastical funerals without public scandal of the faithful.

§2. If any doubt occurs, the local ordinary is to be consulted, and his judgment must be followed.

Can.* 1185 Any funeral Mass must also be denied a person who is excluded from ecclesiastical funerals.

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