Mass of 'Enrollment'

My parish bulletin says that the celebration of the 6th Sunday in OT on Saturday will be a Mass of ‘enrollment’ for the confirmandi.
Can anyone please tell me how this Mass differs from the usual Mass of the 6th Sunday in OT.

It should not be any different. The Rite of Enrollment is when the confirmandi sign a book indicating their free-willed intent to enter into full communion with the Catholic church and all she teaches.

This sounds like the Rite will be conducted during the ordinary Mass. There may be some special attention given to the confirmadi, but otherwise it should be a normal miracle-filled Mass! :highprayer:

I assume it means they will celebrate a rite analogous to the rite of welcoming that is for baptized but unconfirmed adults as a stage in their confirmation preparation. Is this group the baptized Catholic youth preparing for confirmation, or is it RCIA? If this is part of RCIA I would assume it means that while the unbaptized will participate in the Rite of Election, or the Rite of Sending for Election (if they will be going to the bishop at a later time) in the parish, usually on the 1st Sunday of Lent, where their names are entered in the Book of the Elect, the pastor has decided to have the parallel rite with the baptized candidates at another time to distinguish them from the unbaptized, and they will have the [optional] rite where they also enter their names in another book.

If the parish bulletin is going to announce a rite, they ought also to publish, or the priest should explain from the pulpit, the meaning of the rite.

This will probably happen after the homily and the rest of the Mass will be as usual.

Thank you for your reply. They are as I beleive youth preparing for Confirmation.

As it always is!

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