Mass of the Early Christians book


Has anyone read this book? If so, is it a good read? I just bought it and am wanting to know if it is good/informative.


I have not read it but he did a series on EWTN so I will offer a cautious word that he is probably a decent author to read viz. doctrine and Church teachings. As far as to the quality of his scholarship or the general slant of this book, I don’t know.


What do you mean?
I did read a review of his book and the comment stated it was “Novus Ordo propaganda”


Why are you asking this question when you have just bought the book ?

Why not read it and find out for yourself ?

Heavens ! Some of the questions on CAF are beyond belief .


Wellll, there’s three schools of thought on this…

  1. Free forum so I can ask

  2. Because I have read mixed reviews from amazon and I want reliable (aka CAF) commentary.

  3. Respect what people ask, no need to post if you don’t have something good to say:D


I agree you have the right to ask whatever you please, but if you are looking for reliable commentary from CAF, I would have to question that. Opinions around here, as on any internet forum, are about as subjective as you can get and vary widely depending on one’s point of view.

Read the book yourself and if you question anything do a bit of research to verify it. Learn to critique for yourself. It is an educational process.


That is reason enough to read it thoroughly three times, and then go back and underline passages. Some should be memorized.

Whoever wrote that comment would appear to be either sympathetic with the positions of the SSPX, or more involved than just sympathies. Such claptrap should be ignored. What that person knows about theology is not worthy of comment.

To get into that mindset is to ignore the last four popes as well as the current one. It is simply another sign of cafeteria Catholicism, wrapped up in a hodge podge of sibilant semantics under the guise of being a true follower of the Church while ignoring, denying and contradicting the Magisterium. Which is another way of saying, an oxymoron.


For what it’s worth. I’ve read the book a couple of times and I love it. Mike Aquilina is great. I’m not aware of it ever becoming an ETWN series though. Anyone have links to the audio? I would love to see/hear it.

Thanks for bringing it up… I might pull it off the shelf and read it again!


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