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hey there…
i was just told by a friend that it s wrong for christians to go to church on sunday. was told that it is supposed to be on saturday, the sabbath… went on to say that it is changed by the pope. dont know which one, on a wimp.

here are some of the sites that was sent to me.

deep down in my soul i believe that the catholic church is the one true church… please help me



Sounds like a Seventh-Day Adventist. This is one of their big issues. They really don’t have much of a leg to stand on honestly. This question is asked so frequently that it has its own section. Here are the relevant links:

On the Sabbath and Sunday:

On the Seventh-Day Adventists:

The Seventh-Day Adventists tend to be one of the more anti-Catholic denominations in general.


thanks… will look into it :slight_smile:


One of the tactics that I have often seen from the 7th Day-ers, and that both of the websites mention, is that the Vatican is pushing for “mandatory worship on Sunday” laws. They talk about how the Catholic Church wants governments to penalize those people who try to worship on any day but Sunday. I have even seen them go as far as claiming that a Pope wanted to find a way to put in jail those that didn’t follow this law. I don’t know about you, but it really seems to me that these people just don’t want you to worship six days out of the week. I’m glad that we in the Catholic Church have mass everyday. In fact, I’ve heard the statistic that at any one moment, tens of millions of Catholics are attending mass somewhere. If such a law was in place, the Catholic faithful would fill up the jails the first day.


A general rule was (and still applies for the most part) every priest was required to say Mass every day, at least once. Take the number of priests in the world divide it by the number of hours in a day and you get the average number of Masses being said any given hour. Not counting geographic distribution of priests. It comes to about 20,000 Masses being offered during any given hour give or take a thousand.


This is my guess…

In ancient Rome, Sunday was their day of rest, and Christians would have secretly held Mass on this day. They wouldn’t want to be caught on Saturday, otherwise they’d be fed to the lions. Sounds rough, aye? Imagine being a Christian today in a country ruled by Sharia Law; You’d have to hold your Masses secretly on Friday. Would you tell such Christians to not hold their Masses on Friday? :twocents:


I heard it was because of the fact that Christian Jews were excluded from Sabbath worship at the Jerusalem temple(Remembering how important the Jerusalem temple was of cause) by the Sanhedrin, and then very quickly realized they didn’t need to worship on the Saturday(which would have required the existence or allowance of going to the temple) and instead very quickly transferred all worship over to the Sunday, which was already their day of worshiping the Resurrected Christ.


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Here’s more resources for you:



The following thread, as well as the links below my signature will be helpful for you and your friend.

Our Adventist brothers and sisters have good intentions, but have been seriously misled. They need our charity and understanding, but they also need to be educated!




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