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Dear all,

Sometimes there are processions after Mass at my parish. For example, Feast of Corpus Cristi.
Is it alright to skip such processions??

I won’t skip Mass, only processions.

Thank you.

Whilst it is good to follow our Lord in a procession (referring to Corpus Christi in this reply) for which we thus give good example to others about what we as Catholics believe - that is the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, there is no sin in not attending unless you have already given your word to someone that you will be there - and they are counting on you to be there. With that said, if it is unavoidable then there is no sin in letting these others know you are not able to keep your commitment to be there and fulfil whatever role you had taken on.

If you were just going to be one of the crowd in following the Blessed Sacrament in procession whether that be around your Church perimeter or through the streets of your town - there is no sin in deciding not to attend.

We are obligated to attend Mass on the Sunday to fulfil our obligation, but that is all.

I could be wrong but I think the minimum requirement for attending Mass properly is from the opening sign of the cross to the dismissal blessing.

The procession in my experience is held either before or after Mass and is a separate event.

It is good to participate in the procession and you can gain an indulgence by doing so. However, it is not part of your Mass obligation to participate.

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Thank you for your answers.

I probably wouldn’t attend a Procession, even though I would love to.

I have trouble walking even short distances, e.g., doing grocery shopping. I’m guessing that many others have valid reasons for avoiding a Procession.

We’ll be happy to say prayers for all the “processors”!

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Many churches that do processions invite those who cannot walk in the processions to sit in the church and pray during the procession, then join in the benediction at the end when the Eucharist is brought back into the church.

That sounds lovely!

Here’s some pictures of the procession I walked in today.



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