Mass Question regarding Gospel reading


Have a question on if the Saturday Vigil I attended is in alignment with the weekend obligation:

I am alumni of a Catholic university. The university hosted an alumni Mass at 6pm: the first reading was from Jeremiah for July 22nd. There was no Psalm or response. Then there was the Gospel reading, but it wasn’t the Gospel for July 22nd (I’m not sure if the Diocesan priest received permission, or why this was done)

There was a homily, the consecration, and communion.

So…just wondering - is this in alignment with canon law? Is this Mass valid for the weekend? Or go on Sunday again to fulfill the weekend obligation?

Thanks in advance!


The law simply states that you must attend Mass in a valid Catholic rite either on the day of precept or the evening before. The readings or other texts of the Mass do not matter, only that you went to Mass on the day or on the evening before. You went to Mass on a Saturday evening. You have fulfilled your obligation.



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