Mass Question


I have a lot of work to do tomorrow on Sunday with two school assignments and homework and cannot get to mass nor spend time with family due to the two assignments. Is it alright I skip this Sunday’s mass or would it be bad?


I would take my hour from my sleep and go to Mass. Or I would cut an hour from all the work and go to Mass. It’s an obligation. And when you’re there, ask God to help you catch up and trust in Him. I’m sure you will be able to do it all.


You could also good on saturdayevening as a replacement, that will also fullfill your sunday obligation.


I am able to receive a ride tomorrow to go. All good now.

What about on Friday? I have already went once?


I’m afraid friday doesn’t count as a replacement. SaturdayEVENING can be used., I’m sorry but I don’t find any parts in the CCC about this right now.

I wouldn’t make a habit out if it going on saturday evening, and only do it if there is a good excuse for not doing on sunday. Sunday is still the Lords day. We shouldn’t fill up our sundays with things that also could have been done on any other day.


All good, I will be attending mass on Sunday so it should be alright :slight_smile:

God Bless!


God is asking so little of us when compared to what he is continually offering us.

That thought might help you set your priority for Sundays.


I’m glad it all worked out! :wink:


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