Mass questions?

I want to get somethings squared away.

Is it a mortal sin to arrive at Mass late?
Is it a mortal sin to leave Mass early?
If I go to Mass on Saturday does it fulfill Sunday obligation?
If I am late or leave early on Sunday does it fulfill Sunday obligation?
If I don’t take communion do to (possible) scrupulous is it a sin?

The Church no longer defines when one must arrive for Mass (I believe that there used to be a guideline of before the Gospel reading). The Church also has no *specific *law about leaving early although in general one should not do so until after the dismissal.

Arriving late and leaving early **without **good reason is something you should mention in confession and let the priest guide you as to the gravity of the sin.

A good reason to leave early might be something like suddenly becoming ill or feeling like you might be sick at your stomach or something like that… a pregnant woman who HAS to go to the bathroom and cannot wait another minute… a young child that announces they must “go potty” right away and you must take them out. Something like that. Just to get out of the parking lot first… that would be something to discuss with the priest.

Same thing goes for arriving late-- was it out of your control such as unexpected traffic or a wreck that caused a delay, a sick child or one that would not put their shoes on or get in the car or otherwise delayed you unexpectedly, someone in the family ill, etc… or rather was it without good reason and with a careless attitude towards Mass? Only the person in question could answer and should discuss it with a priest if they tend to be scrupulous.

These are merely examples. There is NO specific “rule” or “law” on this that is universal in the Church. Use common sense, if it is unintentional or unavoidable it is likely not sinful.

If you attend the Saturday evening anticipated Mass then yes, that fulfills your obligation. If you go to a Saturday morning Mass, it does not.

In general, yes. In any specific situation, ask your priest.

It is not a sin to refrain from the Eucharist at any particular Mass as long as you fulfill the duty to receive at least once per year.

Thank you.
If I go on Saturday it is usually after Reconciliation so 5pm Saturday. Dose that fulfill Sunday Obligation?

Can we receive Communion if we have venial sins?

Yes. Generally Masses of anticipation are 4 PM or later. The easiest way to tell is if there are three readings. A Saturday daily Mass generally will only have two

Can we receive Communion if we have venial sins?

Yes. There are actually several points in Mass where venial sins are forgiven, including the Penitential Rite at the beginning, the “Lord I am not worthy…”, and indeed the receiving of the Eucharist itself. So not only can you, but I would recommend it, as it will forgive those sins.

As to being late and leaving early, I have generally heard the bare minimum you need to be at Mass from the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer until the Priest’s communion. However, one must consider if all God deserves is the “bare minimum” that we can give, and if we are really getting anything out of Mass if we are not there for the liturgy of the Word or Communion. Lastly, if the beginning and end of Mass were that irrelevant, they wouldn’t be there, so obviously the Church thinks they are beneficial to our spiritual well being, so there unless you have a good reason to be late(unexpected delay, etc) or to leave early(sick family member, etc) then I recommend be there for the whole thing. Its only an hour or so

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