Mass Readings - Android App

I just found this app in the Android Market. The name in the market is "Catholic Mass Daily Readings" by Aycka Soft. I have only played with it a few minutes, but it seems pretty good. It has the mass readings, reflections, the LOTH, rosary....

Just wanted to let my fellow Android users out there know about it. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

Hopefully not in church though :wink:

What would the difference be if we were reading the readings on an electronic device or a missal? I would agree it would be out of line to be in church reading email, texting and the like but I see nothing wrong with reading the Word of God in church. Am I the only one??

Actually I didn't think of using this at mass. I was thinking for those of us who can't get to daily mass, this would be an easy way to read the readings on the go.

I have this app and love it. The LOTH comes from the universalis website which some people do not like because it does not use the exact translations as it comes from the Jerusalem Bible but I still like their LOTH and find it much more useful than using nothing at all. ibreviary is a good app also but I almost like the mass readings one better.

I get the readings in my email through - it’s very clean and simple. has a mobile version with Mass readings, Saint of the Day, a quote from a saint, another from St. Escriva (The Way or the Forge) and something from the CCC. There is a link at the bottom to go to the full site that you can edit to you preferences, including color (mine is pink and chocolate brown for February). One of the default links is to CA. I made it my homepage on my Blackberry and netbook, too.

Another good one that I like is Catholic Cheat Sheet (has the new missal changes that take effect in 2011 side by side with the current missal... ;) ).

I love the Daily Mass Readings app. I use the rosary at work (I'm in the Coast Guard and don't want my rosary to get damaged/dirty while I'm on duty on the ship) and I'm still in RCIA so the option of the different prayers to appear on the screen is helpful for the ones I don't know by heart yet (like the Hail Holy Queen). Cool app... :aok:

I have this one and have enjoyed it but the last two days when I tried to listen to the podcast it doesn’t work… any suggestions?

Nevermind… for some reason it JUST hit me to restart my phone… working fine now :slight_smile:

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