Mass rioting, tear bombs, arrests, across Europe

Against the austerity cuts throughout Europe, that effect the weakest and most vulnerable.

*Eighty two people have been arrested and 38 injured, including 18 police officers, as Spanish police react swiftly to reports of property damage and disorderly behavior while mass protests that began in Spain continue to roll out across the EU.

*A wave of anti-austerity anger is sweeping across Europe. Spain and Portugal are undergoing general strikes, whereas Greece and Italy are seeing many walkouts.

In Spain – the fourth-biggest eurozone economy, yet with one in four workers unemployed – activists and unions will also be staging an evening rally outside the parliament in the capital, Madrid.

The atmosphere remains tense in the capital following violent confrontations which resulted in dozens of arrests and injuries. Among those detained were a man and a woman from Madrid who were allegedly carrying material to build a bomb, including gasoline, nails, screws and a firecracker, El Mondo reports.*

A planned revolution/civil-war is starting to heat up in Greece.

It’s really obvious, too, with all the militaristic language Greeks, from all walks, of life are posting on blogs/vlogs/twitter.

One thing that I’m finding REALLY interesting is that people who are from opposing parties, like ΣΥ.ΡΙΖ.Α and Χρυσή Αυγή, and many other social groups/political parties, are joining together to create a united front against austerity. I think this makes it more obvious with the recent demonstrations which have been VERY organized…it shows how united the Greek middle-class is becoming against austerity.

This video, of one of the most latest big demonstrations, really illustrates how united and capable the Greeks are getting, in retaliating against the gov’t forces.

So, again, I will not be surprised if this turns into a bigger military conflict.

Here’s the video:

Austerity Arena: Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails, police fire tear gas

Isn’t Europe the utopian example that the United States should follow? :confused:

pepipop, what have YOU been doing to help the situation in your country? From what I’ve seen, it’s just getting worse, every month. Are you doing enough? Did you oppose the recent austerity measures which the IMF impose on you all?

How have YOU been helping the poor in Ireland, now that there are even more than ever? How have you been helping children, since over 1/4 of Irish children are now in poverty? Have you been fasting in solidarity with all the poor in your country?

I will pray for you that the Holy Spirit giveth thee the strength to survive the harsh economic times Ireland is suffering through. I will also pray that you embody the Holy Spirit, so that the grace which you embody may be used to help the sick and suffering.

May St. Joseph, the patron saint of us Workers, intercede to help all of you without work. May St. Labre also please intercede to aid the poor sick and those who are suffering from these austerity measure, to stay in strength.

In the end, I hope that our Queen of Peace lay blanket of peace upon you, Irish.

Post-lastly, may God’s heaven be the blanket of the recent dead, who have suffered due to the hard austerity measures, as the softly sleep.

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