Mass Settings

Hello again!

I was just wondering, how many different Mass settings are there (i.e. Mass of the Angels and Saints, etc), and if there is a site where I can read or listen to different ones?


Here’s some:

Here you go

Scroll down and you can click on "table of contents’’ and see some of the more common Mass Settings, though I do think there is an endless amount of different Masses, masses by classical composers and … other people.

Recommend you listen to Mass XI - Orbis Factor, (If you have not already)

Very beautiful.

Thank you! I’ll check out the links tonight. :slight_smile:

BTW, I highly reccommend that book. $14 gets you the ordinary parts for both the OF and EF, as well as a lot of chants. The thing has 3 different melodies for the Salve Regina, I have only ever seen one.

It is a fantastic little book, that in the future, I wouldn’t mind as a hymnal:thumbsup:

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