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A priest in my school generously offered to say Mass outside the usual Mass times. It is our exam week and so I was really grateful for that. We had Mass in the priests’ quarters instead of the chapel. That was okay because there were so few of attending anyway.

But then the way he said the Mass really bothered me. For one, we sat down the entire time instead of standing and kneeling when appropriate. I admit that I sat down during the Gospel and most of the Mass. But I knelt during Consecration and Holy Communion. I was the only one who did it and so I felt really uncomfortable. But I felt that it would be a huge insult to Jesus if I didn’t show the proper reverence during these most solemn parts of the Mass. I tried my best to focus though.

Secondly, during Holy Communion, he did not distribute the Host and Chalice to us. Nor did he say “Body of Christ” or “Blood of Christ.” Instead he asked us to pass around the ciborium of Hosts and and chalice. I felt uncomfortable and unworthy to hold the chalice of Christ’s Blood in my hands. And when I received the Host, I just said “Body of Christ” to myself because Father did not do it. Instead, he was just sitting on his seat during Holy Communion. I wish I was a Communion minister than I wouldn’t have been as guilty maybe…

I was really grateful to Jesus for the chance to be with Him in Holy Communion on a day I probably couldn’t attend Mass. And He gave me His peace so I know He still generously bestowed His graces upon me. But I also felt guilty about the abuses during the short Mass. Even though they weren’t entirely my fault. :frowning:

Did I commit a sin in participating in this? What do I do? What happens next time? I was grateful for the chance to receive Holy Communion! But the way father celebrated Mass was really so wrong! This is the second time I went to a sit-down Mass with him. But the last time, two other people also knelt with me. And father did say “Body of Christ” when we went to the altar to receive “Holy Communion.”

I guess I just want some advice…What should I do? Should I confess this? What can I do to keep this from happening again? :frowning:


:eek: My recommendation is that you skip this Mass. You feel uncomfortable attending it. You don’t have control over the Mass so you aren’t responsible for it. I assume that about 30 posters will list the errors at this Mass you describe :popcorn: so I will wait and not add my own comments. I have one question, though, when you say a few people attend, how many is a few? Is it three or ten?


around 7-10 people maybe?


I just really wanted to receive Holy Communion that why I went to Mass. But the abuses really bothered me… Thank you for your advice!


why don’t you go to that priest and discuss your concerns. You also did not sin by participating.


I’ve been a to a Mass like this and I felt the same way. I eventually realized that I was just trying to follow father’s directions and was afraid to not do what he said, so I don’t blame myself. I just never went back. My advice is don’t beat yourself up and don’t go back.


You are worried for no reason. Our Parish Priest conducted many home Masses for shut-ins and since space was usually very limited it was not unusual for most to sit during the whole Mass, or for there to be alternative methods used to distribute Communion. The fact that those attended for the sick person and wanted to attend Mass was enough to ensure that all there had nothing but the best of reverent intentions.

Believe me, there are many folks at Mass, going through all the motions, who might be better off to worry than you, since their life is not in line with the teachings of the Church. God knows the heart, which is were we need be reverent all the time.


You certainly did not sin by attending. However, the priest passing the ciborium and chalice around . . . :eek:


With respect, you are in no position to say this.

I am not sure, but I would be very surprised if the rubrics for celebrating Mass outside of a church proper do not allow for some leeway (think of a Mass celebrated in a war zone or a jungle in Nigeria) and while some of the things Father did may not seem proper to you, unless you are fully aware of what Father can and cannot do you cannot make a blanket judgement.

The part that I do agree with you on is the distribution of communion - it should not have been done this way.

You are sinless in attending. You should do nothing and there is nothing to confess. Let it go. For next time, the advice already given to respectfully approach the Priest and ask about your concerns is the way to go. You are under no obligation to attend this Mass - Father is doing you all a courtesy be celebrating just for you.


This Mass did not take place in a war zone or in the middle of the jungle. A proper place should have been found before celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This solemn ritual should only be celebrated in holy respectful facilities.

I think we are all aware of the proper procedures for celebrating Mass. The basics are found in the GIRM. It’s available on-line.


Oh my. He should have said Mass in the chapel. I wouldn’t attend anymore of these.

Is there anything physically wrong with the priest that makes him walking to chapel difficult or something? Was the chapel taken for another activity?


You’re right i dont have authority to determine whther it was right or wrong. But it seemed really wrong.

Nothing physically wrong with him nor the chapel. He just chose to celebrate it there i guess…


That sounds reasonable to me. With so few attending, having Mass in the chapel should not be a problem and would be more appropriate. Perhaps the priest thought that doing the liturgy in such an informal way would make it more relevant to the youth; but if he thought that, he would be wrong.


Bless you. Maybe by you kneeling during consecration, others students are thinking about what happened more so today. Be positive. If you feel comfortable, speak to the priest.


You not only have the authority, but also the obligation to know what is right or wrong. When something is wrong you should voice your concerns and at a minimum not return.


So many complaints occur on Mass Form I always
respond with the link to the GIRM.

However even the GIRM states that much of this
is up to the local Bishop.
So unless one knows what the local Bishop
has done, one is not in a position to critique his priest. My
suggestion is a. Understand the GIRM especially
the sections on different Mass forms, b. if still
uncomfortable take it privately to the priest, c. if still
disturbed attend elsewhere.

In that order.


I have worked with way too many shut-ins to accept this statement. Some people cannot get to Mass. They are too weak and sick. So having a Priest that is willing to offer Mass in their home, in my mind, can be similar to a “war zone” situation. Those who attend these Masses are fully aware of the the glitches and are willing to work with them. Reverence is not lost because of a strange or different setting, any more than it is guaranteed because Mass is held in a Church.

Ideally Church is were Mass will always be held, but there are exceptions. Reverence must be in the heart, not an external display of apparent piety.


Inside someone’s house is not a war zone. I small altar should be assembled. Crucifixes and candles are employed. If possible, chairs, kneelers, or at least pads should be in place. Inappropriate worldly objects are removed. The area should be blessed.

An appropriate amount of reverence is due, in our hearts and in our “churches” whenever our Lord becomes present.


It was no sin for you to participate in this Mass. Any faults are the priest’s. And yes, the things you mentioned are abuses. Just because it’s a home Mass doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t stand or kneel at the appropriate times unless the person is disabled or sick and can’t do so. And despite what someone may say, this way of distributing the Eucharist isn’t “alternative”. It just plain is not ok. We don’t pass Jesus around on a plate to the next person like we are passing a plate of cookies.


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