Mass streaming in the background during workday

Is it bad to have a daily Mass streaming in my earbuds while at work? It’s a Tridentine style English Mass, and it’s just so relaxing to listen to the cadence and rhythm of the chanting and the liturgical structure.

I wasn’t sure of it was profane or something to have it going on and “attending” when I’m not even paying close attention.

Maybe you can try to just find a similar style of just the chants and see if that works.

I listen to Mass quite often.

Or at least I did when I went to work.

I work at a parish. And I can hear Mass every day. Daily mass when I am there during the week. And Sunday mass on Sunday.

And our pastor knows this as does the archbishop.

Why would you think there was something wrong with listening to mass while not attending?


I think the problem would be that if you did it often, over time it would probably become harder for you to focus on praying in Mass and make it a little less “special” or “set apart” . We tend to become immune or desensitized to things over time if it is always around us in the background

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Until the Covid lockdown, I did it every week. At least twice a week. Literally every time I went into work. For a dozen years.

I’m part time.

One thing that it has done, I don’t feel like I’ve attended anything, when I watch Mass on TV.

So, it has done just the opposite. Being at Mass in person means so much more than just listening to it or watching it.

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I think it’s great to listen to Mass almost any time. This can help keep your focus on what’s important.

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