Mass to consecrate California to Mary


There was a flyer posted in our church about a Mass next weekend to consecrate the state of California to Mary. No details other than that. I asked around and found that it is from a group outside of our parish using the church for this Mass. Our pastor is not celebrating this Mass but has allowed them to do this with their own priest. Can any priest perform this type of consecration independently? Isn’t this something that a bishop would/should do? I’m pretty sure our bishop, Michael Barber, isn’t aware of this Mass. This whole thing feels weird.


Our parish bulletin had a link to this site

I haven’t researched it yet, but a group will be gathering at the beach near here to pray the rosary this Saturday.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize this was part of a larger effort.


Notice, yet again, forgotten by those who rail against what they call the “Culture of Death” is any mention of Capital Punishment…i dislike religious agendas as much as political agendas in media!


Yes, the list of supporters on the website appears to be on the conservative end of the spectrum, including Bishop Cordileone, Jesse Romero and our host, Catholic Answers, but I approve of their good intentions. It does not surprise me that ending capital punishment is not high on their list of priorities, but having now read through the prayers of consecration, I don’t see anything listed that I would find disagreeable.

I have family commitments which will keep me from attending an actual event this Saturday, but I will certainly offer a rosary and the prayers of consecration for the good of our State. I trust that our Lady and our good God will see through any political agendas and do what is best for us!


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