Mass today not in missal

Hi TLM friends,

The proper today for Mass was for “All Holy Popes” and Father said it would probably wouldn’t be found in the missal. Is this a Mass from the 1945 Missal. Anyone? :signofcross:

I think it was still included in the 1954 Roman Missal though I thought the feast of All Holy Popes was celebrated on July 3rd not the 4th. I don’t have a copy of the '54 Missal so can’t guarantee it though. :shrug:

The few things I could find seemed to indicate July 3 but my missal has St Irenaus on July 3, so maybe that trumps All Holy Popes. I’ll go look at our local trad bookstore this weekend

The feast of All Holy Popes on 3 July was suppressed in the 1960 revision of the kalendar, and replaced by St. Irenaeus, which had been moved from 30 June in the same revision. Thus, it is not in the 1962 missal, which is why Father said it would not easily located.

I thought that only the 1962 Missal was approved for use in the Extraordinary Form. Is it licit to use such an older version?

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