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Is there currently, or is there the possibility of there ever being a mass translation for the novus ordo mass in traditional English? Kind of like Rite One and Rite Two Eucharist in the Episcopal Church, Rite One being traditional English and Rite Two being more modern English.


Have you looked into the Anglican Use Mass?


Yes I am very familiar with the anglican use mass and love the language used. :slight_smile: I was just wondering if there is an approved translation with traditional english that your average catholic church could use.


AFAIK, in the OF, all English-speaking countries use the same English version as of Nov of 2011. That version had been in the works since the 90’s, I understand.


Oh ok! Thanks! Do you think a translation for the Ordinary Form in traditional English will ever happen or be possible?


Many consider what they have now is traditional English. Exactly which era were you thinking of? English really doesn’t have an ideal period or country to draw upon for its liturgy and for it to be immortal IMO. And meanings change all the time. Look at the word “gay” for example.

In any case, I think the Church has higher priorities right now. Not to mention several hundred other vernaculars to worry about.


Latin leaves little room for error…English is vague at best. as evidenced by recent changes in the Liturgy to bring us back in line with what was …

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