Massachusetts city officially recognizes polyamorous relationships

Back in the day we called these people swingers.

God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


I first heard about this four years ago I believe and I was shocked. Like a lot of weird things the tech industry does, the article pointed out this idea was popular in the tech industry. I think Massachusetts has a tech industry.

The article focused on a woman who had three boyfriends in tech. To me it seemed more like an escort service or a sugar daddy situation. She did make note she was only intimate with two of the three guys. It was obvious from the one guy they interviewed in the arrangement that He didn’t have the emotional intelligence to be in a formal monogamous relationship.

Then there is also the weirdness of Mark Zuckerberg only eating animals he kills.

Creepy industry all around. I worked for a bit near Silicon Valley when I was working. The place was creepy and filled with organized crime. I now will never go further north than Central California, that includes Oregon and Washington.

Slippery slope.

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In 2019, there was a buzz about a woman and her four boyfriends having and raising a baby together. In the video, it was clear that only the girl was enthusiastic about this arrangement and the guys openly admitted jealousy was an issue. Fast forward to April this year, the baby was hospitalized after being beaten by one of the guys. I don’t think there was anyone that was surprised that this arrangement turned abusive.

There are plenty of polys out there, but the US doesn’t want to give out multiple tax breaks or handle three-way divorce and custody or deal with claims by 2 widows to somebody’s money. You can “recognize” it all you want but it will never fly legally. Most polys don’t care about legalized marriage anyway. They’re polys partly because it’s unconventional and loose.

Yes, it’s ALWAYS an issue. It’s even in Scripture multiple times when people like Jacob and Abraham had poly relationships.


Remember, the slippery slope argument is a fallacy! There will never be legal recognition of marriages of more than two people. That’s what they told us when gay marriage was legalized. Also, it won’t affect anyone if two gay people get married. Except bakers, photographers, and basically any other profession remotely connected to the wedding industry.

It’s only a matter of time before something like this makes it into some liberal state’s laws and this kind of a relationship will be recognized as a marriage, or the equivalent.


Marriage Equality no doubt.

The narrow morality of equality can easily destroy what it is applied to. Perhaps that is the point.

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To be clear, polyamorous relationships are not the same as polygamy. In polyamory, any person of any gender can have multiple partners. The gender does not matter. Whereas in polygamy, one person, typically heterosexual, has multiple spouses of a different gender.

Everything seems to start in Massachusetts and spread outward. Hospital visits during Covid seem to be the problem although I think I heard that same argument many years ago during gay marriage arguments. To me it just more moral breakdown.

What are the monetary implication as far as insurance. Can one member apply for health insurance from his employment for multiple partners? Can he set up pensions or social security for multiple partners?

I foresaw this happening and was accused of the slippery slope argument many years ago while debating gay marriage, but human nature being what it is (give an inch) and the cultural wars that are at play, it is not surprising.

There are forces at work undermining all that is traditional to Judeo-Christian values especially vis a vis sex/marriage.


Gay marriage started in Massachusetts and spread throughout the nation.

I wonder if we will see the Supeme court take it up. Once two men were allowed to marry, why should someone in a polyamorous marriage be denied.

There are again estimating 4 to 5 % of the population are in these relationships so how can they be denied. and it is “love”. Saw this recently in news cycle.

Polyamory is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood. It’s about communication, commitment, and love. We don’t choose and stick with one single thing in any other area of our lives. Why should we with love?

Q. What is the natural law punishment for bigamy.

A. Two mothers-in-law.


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