Massachusetts Elementary School to Distribute Condoms to Students

Massachusetts Elementary School to Distribute Condoms to Students

Starting this fall, kindergarten through fifth grade students at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass., will be able to obtain free condoms, ABC News reports.

So, how much longer will it be before pedophilia is accepted by society? Am I the only person who sees where this is going? This isn’t even a high school, it’s a K-5 elementary school. Kids that age aren’t even interested in sex unless they’re being abused! :frowning:

We need to stoping ignoring the problems by giving kids and teens access to condoms and abortions, and start giving them counselling, removing them from abusive situations, and notifying the police. :mad:

“The board voted unanimously to approve the policy, which also states that the school district will not honor requests from parents that students not be allowed to receive condoms.” :eek:

And why make them available in schools? The 7-11 isn’t convenient enough?
Completely inappropriate, especially at the elementary school level. Where is the common sense? :confused:

Yeah, its in P-Town though… Pretty much the highest concentration of Gay’s anywhere on the planet. They have an agenda to push there and they seem to be doing well with it.


There’s another thread with the same subject. I said there that 20 years ago if an elementary aged kid showed up with a condom and said his parents gave it to him, they’d be reported for abuse. Now the schools give them out and that’s okay? No questions asked? Just give the kid the condom and later find out that some teacher is having sex with him? Like that hasn’t happened. It’s all about Karl Marx. Weaken the family. Make the state the parent.

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Yeah, its in P-Town though… Pretty much the highest concentration of Gay’s anywhere on the planet.

According to the radio, Governor Deval Patrick called the Superintendent and asked her to reconsider.

A book (2002) called “Ptown” by Peter Manso told how the gay community took over Provincetown politics.

There are probably fewer children in the town because many in the local fishing community have moved out.

Yup, I live in Massachusetts and as soon as I heard the story on the radio, before they even named the town it was happening in P-Town came into my mind as a likely suspect. These are the same childless men who feel it’s so important that kids in school learn about Gay Issues and have to watch films on “Susie has two daddies”. After a while, people who never had an anti-gay bone in their body just get fed up with them and their trying to remake the world in their own image.

Is the Supeintendent gay? Why would gays, who don’t have children, have any say re. giving condoms to kids?

Hmm…? I don’t have knowledge of the matter, but perhaps it has to do with disease prevention, or even pregnancy prevention? Even gay people realize that that sex sometimes leads to pregnancy.

As it were, the Provincetown school board is re-considering its earlier decision.

“I guess the biggest thing [generating controversy] is that it’s for elementary school kids, but where do we draw the line?” said School Committee Chairman Peter Grosso. “We’re going to revisit it." He said discussion would likely center around setting a minimum age for eligibility.

The decision to reconsider the policy comes after Governor Deval Patrick called School Superintendent Beth Singer today, requesting clarification of the rule, Grosso said. The superintendent then called Grosso to tell him the schools would have to change the policy, he said.

“The governor has spoken to the superintendent and expressed his belief that they should revise the policy to make it consistent with practices in other communities,” Patrick spokesman Juan Martinez said in a statement. “While he knows it is a local decision, the governor is very concerned about Provincetown’s program. It is simply not age appropriate to have a program in place for such young children, not to mention not having parents of such young children involved.”

Sadly to say, the abuse thing is no longer the only cause – the media is also to blame (and parents) for exposing innocent kids to age-inappropriate material. Look at the racy “Bratz” line of dolls marketed to little girls, for example. Look at the pressure at the middle school level to have oral sex. Listen to the language and subject matter on prime-time TV . . . etc. etc. etc.:mad:

Do they even make condoms that would fit a K-5 aged boy?

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Do they even make condoms that would fit a K-5 aged boy?

There is a new condom for 12-year olds on the market called “Hotshot”

I really don’t think Planned Parenthood is concerned whether they fit. They just want the small children exposed to them early on so it seems “natural”.

I’ve had this discussion many, many times and one young lesbian woman thought I was from the Stone Age. “Children are sexual from birth.” I was told.

Yes, this is the pedophile agenda.

I wonder how big the uproar would be if it was announced that the priest from the local parish down the street was handing out condoms to all the kids in sunday school?

Please remember to quote the relevant bits of the news articles you post.

From the same link

Grosso said he would not approve a plan that limited condom availability to the high school, which serves seventh- to 12th-graders. Why give out condoms at all? Teach ABSTINENCE!!!

“Not at all,” he said. The policy would "have to go lower than that, because we all know kids are sexually active before high school."I didnt even THINK about sex seriously before high school (or at least I dont remember it)

He said he would “probably be comfortable” with a policy that made condoms available only to fifth-graders and older. Fifth grade… thats giving condoms to 10 year old boys!! just wow…

“I think it’s a great policy to begin with,” he said. “I can’t believe the reaction it’s getting.” I can, because its a horrible policy…

Seriously, why? Catholics cannot force their opinions on others why can the Gay agenda? We should steal their tactics and start to attack them for being Cathophobic… Im Here, Im a Cath, get used to it… If you say anything against Catholics, we will attack you publicly and libelously, and if you ever stand up for your non-Catholic beliefs, all Catholics and our LCBE (Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Evangilcal) alliance will come after your business with the full might of the ACLU and the Catholic Lobbying groups and SHUT. YOU. DOWN.


Huh? Gay Agenda? Where do you get that from the news which has been reported?

I agree. The above is a site re. the infamous organization which promotes man-boy “love”.

I get it from my knowledge of P-town, from having seen the gay “activism” in Massachusetts, and general understanding of the gay agenda nationwide.


I like that, very funny.

btw, for those that think Deval Patrick is the voice of reason in this, he has been the biggest ally of the Gay activist community in their getting their way here in Massachusettts. As you know, about 5 years ago the courts forced Gay marriage on Massachuesetts, making us the first in the nation to have it. Then about a year later a petition drive was launched to put the Gay marriage question on the ballot (like California recently did and erased their court decision). It had more signitures than any petition drive in the history of Massachusetts. And Deval Patrick lobbied the legislature hard to kill the petition bill with nonsense procedural moves and then let it die without an up/down vote rather than allow it be become a ballot question for a vote from the people. It was a disgrace, the disregard for the wishes of the public to have a vote on that thing.

How odd that a school isn’t too bothered about that, that the liberal media comes across as lauding this, when recently someone handed out 8 week sized foetus dolls at an elementry school somewhere in the states (I forgot where), and people absolutely pooped their pants over it with rage!

erm… it was 12 week old dolls.

And I am not sure that there has been an outpouring of rage over the incident. If the lawsuit hadn’t been filed, I am not sure any of us would have been aware of the case.

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