Massachusetts Teen Charged as Adult in Stabbing Death of Danvers Teacher


So sickening and sad. Why does it seem like we can’t do anything to end this violence? Praying for all involved…


It is indeed a tragedy. I pray for our teachers and our students. What a heartbreaking situation… :frowning:


That poor woman.:frowning:


Yes, it’s sad for the teacher and the student even if he doesn’t know it yet.
Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto thine.


This kind of thing is becoming the norm. Someone mentioned this morning that a teacher was murdered and I assumed she was talking about the teacher a few days ago. Now a new teacher and the reason is still unknown. I don’t even know how to respond nor what questions to ask.


Wow. That is so incredibly sad. What on earth is going on in this world? I am really beginning to think that we are either living in the last days or that the last days are very near. What I mean by the last days is the time either in or very close to the Great Tribulation which the Church will go through before Jesus returns. I don’t think we’re in the Great Tribulation yet but I think it is near. What do you all think?


It does seem awful when we look around. IMHO.

Praying for teachers and students everywhere…

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee.
Whatever may befall us, Lord, though dark the hour may be,
In all our woes, in all our joys, though naught but grief we see,
Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee. Amen


I was watching the news and the authorities, I don’t know if they have decided on this yet, were considering charging him as an adult.

Were in a such a bad society which always blames the parents, teachers, school, the community, his neighborhood, and environment for the kids behavior issues. No these kids know what’s going on. I hope he does get charged as an adult.


Well, because we live in an age where information can be transmitted almost instantaneously nation wide. The violent crime rate has been dropping for years, and is in fact lower than most nations, yet because of the ability of the media to give local stories national prominence, and the ability of aggregation sites to provide nationwide links-- the violence is more apparent than it has ever been before.

However, to continue to drive violent crime lower we need to address mental health issues as well as the breakdown of the family. More kids having less supervision and fewer positive role models.


You are exactly right. It is not so much that these crimes are anything new, but that everyone knows about them. Mental health is and has been a major contributor to violent crime.

We live in an extremely voyeuristic society and the likes of Nancy Grace, etal, are not helping the situation by making a living on reporting other’s suffering.


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