Massive Cleanup Underway After Dakota Access Protest


Massive Cleanup Underway After Dakota Access Protest


I think it’s part of the plan of the disrupters. By leaving debris and other material that need to be cleaned up, they divert resources from other efforts. It’s not about the environment, it’s about disruption and getting more press after the “demonstration” is over.


The Army Corps also asked protesters to leave in early December while assuring them that they would not be evicted forcibly from the illegal encampment on federal land.
But that directive came under former President Barack Obama, who took a hands-off approach even as activists used federal property as a base to launch protests that sometimes turned violent. Still unclear is whether agency under President Trump will follow through by evicting anyone who refuses to leave after Feb. 22 deadline.

I am betting that he will evict with force. He needs to in order to protect the environment from these trashy people.


It is important to note who is doing the clean-up:

The Standing Rock Sioux has been fighting the pipeline and has organized the cleanup with the help of a nonprofit from South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation. The tribe hopes to complete the work before any spring floodwaters from the Cannonball River can wash debris into the Missouri River.

The camp is near the rivers’ confluence. It’s been home since August to hundreds and sometimes thousands of pipeline opponents. Most have left, and they’ve left behind abandoned cars, tents and trash.

Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault says the cleanup could take weeks. The cost isn’t known. It will be funded from $6 million in donations the tribe has received to support its pipeline fight.


I’ve been telling people ALL along that this would be a burden for these communities. Natives and farmers.

Some of these folks had to drive 30-40 miles out of their way to get home.

One protester showed up with no money, others were found to be camping on private property in people’s sheds.

This whole thing just stinks, Corki, and there are too many questions I do not have answered:

  1. Why was the pipeline RE-diverted suddenly in the first place?

  2. Where were the tribal leaders? I heard they were noticeably absent from these discussions and such conversations were open to the public (is my understanding) and the impression is they were no shows???

  3. Why was this even allowed to continue as a option if it violates a Treaty or sacred land? That is illegal.

This was just another game to everyone it seems, and it has been a burden for the community to say the least.

The personal selfishness is nauseating.


Yeah, the people who didn’t make the mess in the first place.


They could learn a lot about etiquette and manners from TEA PARTY ralliers, that’s for sure! :thumbsup:


When I see the groups involved in this I get very suspicious. Quite a few extremists are part of these protests.


No, you missed the point. The Souix tribe is doing the clean up. They were the very first protesters. Others came in support of them. The tribe is grateful for their support. They were very much on the side of the protesters who were supporting them in their efforts. Now the tribe is doing the clean-up, paid for by donations to their effort. In short, it is not the pipeline company. It is not the government.


The Sioux tribe has to spend $6 million of donations to fight the pipeline in order to clean up after protesters of the pipeline?

I’d be annoyed if I had donated to a cause which then had to spend this kind of momey to clean up after people who are supposed to be in sympathy with the cause. I realize the mess is supposed to have been the result of a snowstorm, but how sudden can a snowstorm be? Usually at least bad weather is forecast, chance of snow, and the protestors should not have been that disorganized with their belongings.

$6 MILLION… what a waste.


Post from my friend Frank2525 • 18 hours ago

Those so-called water protestors and protectors, did not know that water started in Colorado, near Pueblo and Trinidad, flowed north as the Platte River, through ranches, farms, forests, with elk, bears, deer, and other animals defecating and urinating in the mountain waters, while all those fish also did same. That was the Platte River.

----- That water flows through Denver where kayakers are, and all the homeless camped along the river, without bathroom facilities, on north into Wyoming and Nebraska where it joined the Missouri River, flowing on east to Kansas city, where it joins the Mississipppi, and flows south to the Gulf. All kinds of pollution, fertilizer, and human - animal activities the whole distance.

***Yet they are concerned about pipeline crossing under the river. 140 feet underground, alongside about 7 to 9 other pipelines already there??? ***


The thing I find ironic is that the “Water Protectors” leave a huge, trashy mess in a flood plain after much snow and flooding is predicted. So the tribes and outside help… ( and there has been outside help. It is NOT all just the tribe. )…have to clean up after them. While the “Water Protectors” were content to protest and vanish leaving a mess that would wind up in the Missouri River they were supposedly trying to protect.

What is wrong with this picture? Where is their respect for the land, water and sacred places now?


It is very important to note who made the mess :wink:


I can promise not every one in the tribe was supportive of this.


As an environmental scientist, I can tell you this is not uncommon.


Of course they are hypocrites! They want to tell everyone ELSE how to live as in the excellent example of Al Gore. It doesn’t matter how they live, you need to change how you live.
Same old phony baloney in the environmentalist camp.


So you think it’s perfectly fine to leave a gigantic mess for other people to clean up since there were donations? The tribe ASKED them to leave and it is correct that not all of the tribal members were happy with the protesters being there.


Proves this movement could give two cents for the Sioux Indians. The Indians are being used.
What they care about is creating chaos, because they can’t effect change in the normal way (ie voting and legislating).

You will see more and more violent riots. It’s a standard tactic.


You are trying to drive a wedge between the Standing Rock Sioux and the protestors, but it just isn’t going to fly. The Standing Rock Sioux started the protest. They welcomed the supporters who came to their aid in this fight. They asked them to leave because of the approach of winter - out of concern for the protesters.

The so-called “huge mess” is nothing you wouldn’t expect from a group of campers having to stay for weeks on end with little infrastructure support. I’m sure they cleaned up what they could, given the weather. It’s nothing like picking up a few candy wrappers after an evening of fireworks in July.

The donations were for the rest. I don’t think the donors are in any way disappointed in how their donations are being used. Why don’t you ask some of them?


The merits of the protest are a separate issue from the issue of the cleanup. And it has been discussed thoroughly in other threads.


Yes, the same ones who are donating for the cleanup.

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