Massive distraction in prayer


I don’t know why, but I get strong feelings of sexual arousal when praying the rosary, and I pray for the purpose of getting rid of this sexual arousal. It happens a lot in prayer and mass.


What should I do?!


only joking, you just have to work through it and know that it is out of your control until you can get a handle on it.
A good prayer Jesus hide me in your wounds and protect me against the snares and temptations of the Devil.


If you are a man, make sure you spread your legs when you sit down. Do not cross your legs. Also, based on my own experience if you can just hold on longer and continue to resist sexual arousal, you will reach a point where you will finally be free from its hold. Lastly, do not think of sex and be very careful of what you watch around you. Keep yourself occupied at all times like volunteering in church activities and attending daily mass.


I’m a girl so you may want to ignore me as the men have given you great advice. I just want to add that a certain amount of attraction is to be expected in the beginning as the senses (lower nature) are attracted to the rational higher nature (moves toward a union with God). So when striving towards prayer etc. before the senses become under the control of the will, the lower nature reacts with pleasure at the higher nature and this expressed perhaps inappropriately, or as we dont like by the lower nature. So the advice the others have given, ie prayer, especially animi christi and to ignore it (not give it attention in itself) but rather focus of the higher nature is great advice. Just don’t worry too much about feeling guilty that the senses like God, that’s good, it’s just how they show it you wish to change. Always ask God for help as they say.


Thinking unholy thoughts just when you want to think of Holy ones is a kind of perverse contrariness that is very common.

I think that a part of us fears the apparent deindividuation in giving ourselves completely to God and contrary thoughts are a defence mechanism. Of course we actually become far more through our submission.

As I’ve said elsewhere develop a sense of higher self which can lead your more base self towards peace in Christ.

Also I concur with others here and @Rutherford2 when he suggests resisting and that the urge will gradually be tamed.

You might also try praying the little office, asking for purity of mind and spirit and break the cycle you may have formed by using the Rosary in the way you describe. God bless.


Keep praying to God for the strength to get over those thoughts. God bless you!


My problem is earworms. I love music and often a tune will get stuck in my head and hang around for a long time. It would be nice if it was a hymn, but all too often it’s a classic rock tune from my youth. I just try and pray thorough it.


You may need meditation before prayer. As the bad thoughts come, meditate on good thoughts about heavenly things. Bad habits are overcome by good habits.


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