Massive Explosion In Northern Iran Breaking story

When they come out with more information, I hope someone will post it here.

A little more

A large warehouse fire erupted Tuesday near an oil storage depot in the northern city of Qazvin, Iran’s semi-official FARS news agency reported.
The Mehr news agency said there were no immediate reports of casualties, but that the blaze was threatening to ignite an 18,000-liter oil storage tank.
It quoted a warehouse worker as saying the blaze was due to welding.
An Iranian agency initially said many casualties were expected, according to the Associated Press .
The city of around 1.1 million people was once an ancient capital of Persia. It is located about 100 miles northwest of Tehran.

This is pretty sad. We should pray for all who are involved with the situation.

To be honest, when I first seen this here, I assumed it was a terrorist attack.

Usually Iran is the CAUSE of terrorism, not the victim. IF it was terrorism… I wonder who could be behind it?

I don’t know. Somehow I misspoke or miswrote earlier. I thought terrorism was my first thought but then I realized my first thought was actually that it might have been an Israeli military strike on Iran.


Well… I remember a few years ago hearing several reports that Iran was manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices (basically remote-controlled landmines) for Iraqi terrorists/insurgents and sneaking them across the border to be used against the United States.

After one particularly deadly week for the American armed forces, I wondered to myself WHY the U.S. wasn’t doing anything about this?

Probably about a week after THAT… I heard on the news that a busload of Iranian “Quds Force” (Iran’s equivalent of Special Operations Group Delta) had been blown up and everyone aboard the bus had been killed. A dramatic reduction in I.E.D. attacks followed. I have no idea who or what was behind THAT; but there was definately enough circumstantial evidence to link the United States or one of our allies to that particular incident. This is not the first mysterious explosion in Iran.

Iran has numerous enemies both at home and abroad. We will likely never know who was behind it, or what provoked it IF it was terrorism.

The way this reads, one concern was that maybe the explosion was at a nuclear plant especially when the original article read there may be many casualties. Israel does not engage in terrorism per se but they probably do engage in espionage.

This website is reporting indeed, perhaps the explosion could have had nuclear origins. I would not vouch for the source necessarily but they say they are reporting what the LA Times said.

The blast may be related to nuclear development in Iran, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Usually Iran is the CAUSE of terrorism, not the victim. IF it was terrorism… I wonder who could be behind it?

There’s a lot of infighting among Islamic terrorists. For instance, Iran and Hezbollah are hostile to Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, and Iran is rumored to be funding Al-Assad in Syria. There’s a very real possibility that it was a terrorist attack.

The only thing I saw on the website related to the explosion was a photo, and its caption didn’t mention anything like that.

I know nothing about the following source, but it does provide some detailed information. In the absence of a better known source of news, I will post what it says. However, I would note that the claims are based on anonymous sources:

The blast, reported on May 6, was said to have taken place near a secret nuclear enrichment facility in Abyek

Iranian opposition sources said scores of people were killed in the blast. They said Iranian Army and security forces closed much of Qazvin, with a population of 1.1 million.

“It is not certain whether Abyek was the target,” an opposition source said. “But this incident will hamper access to the facility in the short-term.”

“There could be a small facility in the [Qazvin] area, but it is not regarded as major,” a Western intelligence source said.

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