Master of puppets


Your sins are your own. Stop placing them on the devil’s shoulder. I know you all need a scapegoat but why not carry the load of your sins upon your own shoulders? Listen, the devil did not make you do it. NO! He did not tempt you. And if he did, I guess that makes you a puppet and your forsaken devil–your puppet master. Call him for what he is, your MASTER. say it, MASTER. MASTER.


I don’t know where you got this view of Christianity. We Catholics cite three sources of temptation to sin:

  1. The world (the desire for possesions and power)

  2. The flesh (lust for sex, food, pleasure, etc)

  3. The devil.

Personally, I have all the temptation I need from the first two, which come from my own fallen nature rather than from the devil. So I think actual demonic oppression or temptation is for people who are much better than I am and have little problem with the world and the flesh.

God bless you,


The more this guy posts, the more I think he’s just out to instigate. He really doesn’t know a thing about Christianity, or maybe he’s pretending not to? I find it hard to believe a person could be so willfully ignorant.



Why are you so angry at God?


Ya think? I don’t usually ask “what would Jesus do” (being Jewish), but I’d like to think that if he’d iggy him and move on.


Um - yeah. That’s why we call it “Confession.” :smiley:


I was trying to ask him what religion he is …
When he is willing to answer my question, you will know the reason why he is angry with God.


listen, no christian i know actually says “the devil made me do it.” i sin, just like my Christian brothers and sisters, through my own faults. i was once like you. i’ll give you some advice. read books on both sides of the fence. don’t just be one sided. you end up sounding foolish.


Who pulled your string?
Ask him to stop:p


Of course we carry our sins on our own shoulders - *we *commit them, we confess them, *we *repent of them and we atone for them as far as possible. That goes for all Christians.

Even though some do say ‘the devil made me do it’ that doesn’t mean they expect any the less to have to do all of their own confessing, repenting and atoning. All the grunt work, in other words.


Why do puppets get such a bad rap? :shrug:


Another Metallica fan, perchance?




How’s that? He HAS already been caught in other threads plagiarizing lyrics from other rock songs, and trying to pass them of as his own original “thoughts” though.


No one is placing them on the devil’s shoulders alone and I have yet to hear anyone say that the devil alone is responsible for their offenses, their sins. However, Scripture, particulary Revelation, is quite clear that the devil is ultimately destined for punishment in the lake of fire, the second death. Why would the devil be punished in the end unless he were guilty as well?

Don’t forget that God cursed the serpent for his responsibility in the fall of Adam and Eve.


Metallica had a song in the '80s called “Master of Puppets”.

Some of the lyrics are:

Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings
twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
Just call my name, cause I'll hear you scream Master Master Just call my name,cause I’ll hear you scream


Metallica? Rap? I don’t get it :doh2: Now I do! :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was a discussion on the 1986 Metallica album, lol

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