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I’m not sure this is the right forum, but it makes the most sense to me.

I’m considering pursuing a Master’s in Theology. I have become very interested in learning more about the Church and the Catholic faith, and feel a Master’s degree would be beneficial. I’m also part of our parish’s RCIA team, and though a Master’s would be a big help.

However, my family and work schedule, along with my distance from any Catholic universities, makes the traditional route very difficult, and I’d probably find myself abandoning such a program years down the road. So I’ve been looking at some distance education programs, namely The Catholic Distance University ( and Holy Apostles ( Both seem to have good programs and are geared towards self-study at home.

I’d like to find one that is accredited through a reputable accreditation organization. The program is important to me, and I can determine that with a review of they offer. I’m leaning towards Holy Apostles because I like the program and the timeline. It appears to have a regional accreditation, but no mention of distance education. CDU, on the other hand, has a specific accreditation in distance education.

Does anybody have any experience with these institutions? Or know of any others? Or any major Catholic university that grants graduate degrees via distance education?


I am studying with the Maryvale Institute-- which is pontifically recognised and is involved in distance learning!


Thanks for the link!

It certainly looks interesting, and they do offer post-graduate degrees. The only concern is the residential period–“Each module begins with a residential period (the first three covering a week-end) at Maryvale; the first module includes a second residential week-end to help students make the transition to master’s level work.” As I am state-side, this would be difficult. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy a trip to the UK! :slight_smile:


We do have quite a few overseas students in my BA course; As a rule, they don’t attend weekend residentials, but receive a taped version of the lectures. The often attend the annual week’s residential, however, although not always.

I think the “mission” is to facilitate Catholic learning, you have telephone contact points and very strong course books and reading material. They are very flexible and I’m sure they could work something out for you! Well worth having a chat with someone anyway!


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