Masturabtion without releasing sperm a mortal sin?

Hi, does anyone know how masturbation without releasing sperm are classified?
Im thinking about when one masturbate, but remember the severity of it and quit before climax is this a mortal sin or a venial?

Thanks in advance for any answers I may recieve:)

God bless!

Too many factors to consider to determine what its classified as, ask your priest.

A main component of masturbation is Lust, however, so in my opinion Id be inclined to say it is still mortal. And if one drifted into it and then snapped out of it, the person may also be guilty of placing themselves in the occasion of sin.

But ask a priest.

Any sexual stimulation outside of procreation-oriented sex between a married man and woman is mortal sin (when full knowledge and complete assent of the will are present). So yes, masturbation is sinful even if one stops before ejaculation. However, if one were unaware of the sinfulness of masturbation, the condition of full knowledge would not be fulfilled, and it would be only a venial sin.

It sounds correct (unfortunately) :frowning: .
I guess I better schedule a confession ASAP then.
Thanks for your insight to the both of you.

God Bless

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This is correct.

A main component of masturbation is Lust, however, so in my opinion Id be inclined to say it is still mortal.

Also correct, although masturbation is also mortal in itself.

And if one drifted into it and then snapped out of it, the person may also be guilty of placing themselves in the occasion of sin.

Careful. If he just started masturbating without thinking (out of habit, for instance), but then realized what he was doing, and stopped immediately, there would be no sin, since sin involves the will. Putting oneself in the occasion of sin would for instance reading something that while not sinful in itself (such as reading something temptations; note that pornography or some exteremely erotic literature would be sinful itself without good reason {e.g. Catholic school book censor, police officer etc.}), is likely to stir up temptations and make the person fall. In order for something to be an occasion of sin, there has to good chance that a sin will be committed.

But ask a priest.

Best advice.

Benedicat Deus,

I think if you start playing with it and then stop yourself, this wouldn’t be the same as continuing to the end.

Maybe it would depend on how long you were playing with it for.

It could be the same as going into someone’s locker to steal money from their wallet and changing your mind and walking away.

Who really knows?

Masturbation is in and of itself a grave matter.

This thread also discusses onanism (another grave matter) in addition to masturbation.

I see your argumentation, it may seem a bit harsh to say its a mortal sin if ones “fooling around” and then understand what’s going on and immediately stops.
I mean we all have some trouble areas and if we where to confess it everytime we played whit it it would’ve ment a lot of confessions.
However in my case I did it with consent so my culpability was absolutely present so Im going to confession as soon as possible and I’ve received Communion in this state aswell so I have to confess that as well.
I think I knew all along that I had to confess this, but made this thread as an attempt to make an excuse to not go to confession.
Thanks to all of you for insight and guidance may God be with all of us.

Pax Christi

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I would say “yes,” as long as the other conditions for mortal sin are (unfortunately) met…the intention was still to do it and the person still did it, he/she just didn’t finish. The fact that the person didn’t finish is good, but he/she still did it.

That is like saying you can lick the Chocolate but you can’t eat it…not a good idea and leads to utter dangerous temptation. The best thing is to try not to do it at all, rather than that!

I see where you are coming from, for knowledge sake etc. of course if a man who gets very tempted and does that but then by the grace of God manages to stop himself before releasing Sperm he was triumphed, and has saved himself from going all the way and therefore from Mortal sin!..but should still be mentioned in Confession.

However if someone intends to do that and not the release sperm I would say it is still wrong and sinful and could lead to making it very hard not to go all the way and therefore committing a grave sin! Masturbation is a mortal sin, anyone “masturbating” without releasing sperm is still doing it for some kind of pleasure and even if they don’t ejaculate they are still tempting fate! It is like playing with fire!!!

My thinking on the occasion of sin was… Even if it was done without thinking and out of habit, why would a person be in such a situation in the firstbplace that allowed them to do that?

Surely if one were in a room with someone, they wouldn’t do it out of habit in front of them. If one knows they have a problem, it would be wise not to spend a lot of time alone so as not to fall into such a thing or be tempted.

However, I dont know the OP. He may live alone and therefore the temptation to masturbate, with or without thinking, is always present.

So yes, I stand by my first comment: too many factors to consider.

I understand what you say although taking a piece of chocolate is better than licking it but it is better to stop then to say “oh well I started so I may aswell go the whole way”.

In a similar way to kissing and such with a woman and then realising that you are doing wrong and leave instead of going to the next step - fornication.

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