Masturbation and blasphemy

I am sure that lot of people will be very interest in this post.
So, this is my story, i am 17 , christian and i love God, i go to church and i try to not upset Him.
Like all teenagers i use to masturbate but recently i found those porn movies with crucifix masturbation.
Firstly i didn’t want to watch but because of my curiosity i watch it, and masturbate while watching it. I was really sorry and i prayed God to forgive me.
I masturbate watching those movies just twice in my life, i feel very guilty and i am really sorry about it.
I really don’t want to go in hell, so you could give me an advice ?

If you are catholic then go to confession if not then pray for forgiveness and repent. Try your best not to do anything like this ever again. I will be praying for you so don’t give up

Goodness, what a mess, and I certainly sympathize with you. I’m curious abut such things too. People in general, I dare say, are repelled by such things. For me, it sometimes seems the more twisted something is, especially sexually, the more tempting it is.

However, do you view porn often? You use the phrase “like every teen” and that’s never a good sign. If you’re being accepting of such practices, even if you are determined to avoid more perverse ones, you’re in the wrong direction. Masturbating with a crucifix may be appallingly sinfully twisted, but watching porn, of course, is a mortal sin in of itself. It’s not alright just because it’s less awful by comparison.

In any case, there’s no real wisdom to offer here. Just what you would expect: pray when you are tempted and if you still can’t get the temptation out of your mind do something to distract you, and filling your mind with what is pure, like good literature and movies and the Bible and such. But those things aren’t what really does it. Trust me, I know. You can pray like heck, but it’s still the easiest thing in the world to sexually sin anyway. So advice on purity isn’t like advice on exercising. Do this, lift that, run this much, and most likely you’ll feel healthier as direct result.

There’s nothing purity can come from as a direct result except your choice. It’s prefectly possible to make the right choice, if excruciatingly hard sometimes, but it does come down to that. You can pray like mad, but that won’t stop you from misusing your computer, genitals, or TV if you so choose.

But you absolutely can do it. God only lets us encounter temptations we can overcome. Hope in Him. Praying for you.

Yep… Easy advise … Get off the internet… Have a set time,perhaps one hour per day…
Only get on the while in company of a responsible adult… Get rid of any porn material you may have… See… Easy…

Then go to confession…start reading books… War / Mystery novels… Take up sport…

Or just start running a set course of perhaps 3~ 4 miles and run it every day,or just walk it.

Confession and never do it again.

Now about the porn stuff, we are not supposed to act like everyone else, but how God want us to.

it is very sinful to watch porn, and just let me give you some reasons, when you watch a porn site, you are actually supporting them, there are sites that have diferent categories, some of them are videos from people who don’t actually want them to be seen, filmed while they were drunk, in secret, just for the other person but something went wrong. and such, how do you think these persons feel? about the professional ones, you might say: “but they know what they are doing, and maybe they dont believe the same as us.” and it might be right, they might think they are just giving entertainment to others, and maybe even dont sin, but what do you think you are going to tell God about it? you know it is a sin, and even if they did not offend God with their actions, you offended Him with their actions. since you knew and supported them.

Other than by the grace of God, one of the ways I have been able to refrain from those actions is by physical exercise. Everyday, I do some type of workout. It uses a lot of energy in your body and helps cope those sexual desires. My advice is try doing this daily, along with restricting Internet time. Also, pray to God daily and be fervent in the sacrament of Confession.

Thanks for your support and good words.
I read a lot and i play a sport too.
Like I sad before, i pray God everyday and not just with my words but with my heart too.
I am a good person i help people when i can and i try to bring them on the right way when they are doing something wrong.
I have to admit that i watch porn often , and if everyone have a sin, watching porno is my sin.
I will never watch that porn videos with crucifix masturbation and all that horrible stuff.
Also, i really appreciate your advice and thank you for answering.
God bless you :slight_smile:

you know, that sounds somewhat bad, you are saying you are just not going to see those videos, but what about all the others? it seems like you are saying you are still going to.

yes i fully understand you , but the thing is, even not watching that kind of videos is still hard, maybe not for you but for me it is !
i will probablly start not watching porn at all , but first i have to say to myself “don’t watch that kind” so for me is a beginning :slight_smile:

My advice, Don’t watch those videos at all. Of course pay special attention at dont watching those videos specially, it is not like you have to do first one task and then the other, you can do both at the same time.

besides, the “I wont watch those videos” is not a statement that you are convinced you are never going to watch those videos again, it is a “I will sincerely and with all my heart do my best to dont watch those videos”, you are human and most likely will fall, but the stuff is that you are trying.

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