Masturbation and other grave sins - how much detail in confession?


In a rage of lust today, I ended up committing some horrific sins, including something which I had never done before in my life (please stop reading here if you would not like to read details about impure sins). I will be going to the next available confession in about three hours, and I wanted to confirm what I need to mention in the confessional.

I masturbated today and videotaped myself doing it. I also committed what could I guess be called ‘self-sodomy’. And before that I videotaped myself doing impure actions but without masturbating.

How much detail do I need to mention in the confession? Can I say “I treated my body as an object and masturbated” or do I need to mention everything that I have mentioned here?

I feel so ashamed of myself … I still can’t believe that I disappointed the Lord so badly. I slapped myself in the face several times in guilt and shame afterwards. :banghead: Thank you everyone for your time… and please pray for my purity. God bless you.

Here is how I would confess it: “I confess one occasion of lusting, looking at porn, masturbating, and filming myself doing it.” The priest can ask you for more details if needed.

Prayers offered. :signofcross: You are not alone in your struggles.

Praying for you…

You say all of the above. So many of us struggle with the very same sins and the priest will not be shocked. I will pray for you that God helps you and all of us in our struggles against impurity. God bless you.

Confess mortal sins in kind and number. Do not omit anything out of fear or shame. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Don’t be overly distressed when you sin. Repentance itself is a sign of the presence of the auxiliating grace of the Holy Spirit :slight_smile:

I suggest the book “The Spiritual Combat” by Lorenzo Scupoli. It has very practical advice that has helped me deal with the shame and anger that we experience when we sin - especially in those aspects that we are struggling with the most.

You have began your reconcilliation already, by this post - regret and recognition of self guilt.
What is to be done, the remaining, is the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
of which is to be administered only by a Priest…!
Get moving and say it all with the very same courage you made this post!
On what to say, COPY THIS POST and mention your regret to the Priest,
and our Merciful Lord will do the rest!

I thought that by saying “lustful thoughts and actions” the priest would get the idea? And because you knew in your heart what you were trying to say and so does Jesus.

I dont know…i could be wrong and i welcome any advice.

I’ll pray for you pal. Admittedly i’m really weak in that area too.

You simply say that you engaged in “self abuse” and sinned against chastity in action and how you perceive/view yourself. And, being exact about it, that’s exactly what you did: you abused your body and you treated your own body in a lustful and unchaste way.

If your priest wishes to enquire more, he will do so, but it’s not necessary to draw an explicit picture in your priest’s mind’s eye. Remember, while you are confessing through him to God, you don’t want to be the near occasion of sin for your priest in doing so.

“All mortal sins are to be submitted to the keys of the Church and all can be forgiven; but recourse to these keys is the only, the necessary, and the certain way to forgiveness. Unless those who are guilty of grievous sin have recourse to the power of the keys, they cannot hope for eternal salvation. Open your lips, them, and confess your sins to the priest. Confession alone is the true gate to Heaven.” - St Augustine of Hippo, Christian Combat

“Are you a sinner? Go to the Church which is a hospital not a court”. - St John Chrysostom

Lustful actions doesn’t tell the priest whether you have masturbated or slept with someone. Assuming it is masturbation and porn… Say, "I confess x number of occasions of lusting, looking at porn and masturbating."


Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.

God bless you and your family :slight_smile:

May God bless you and your family as well. :slight_smile:

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