Masturbation at midnight

Thank you very much, Jesus, for revealing to me Your infinite love, which emanated through prayer as well as the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion, curing my deep-seated sense of inferiority, showing the ultimate value of life and what is worth for me to pursue in such a whimsical stay on the Earth.

Eventually, I have been instilled the Grace to resist pornography of all types. Impure thoughts also fail to assault me. However, I am still regularly tempted at midnight, when I go to bed as late as 2 to 3 am, and Satan knocks on the door punctually between 4:30 to 5:30 am when I am only slightly asleep and had a weak will to resist it - sometimes I wasn’t even 100% conscious of what I’ve been doing.

Why would Satan attack me in such way?

It’s not Satan, it’s your physiology.

While I don’t want to downplay Satans active rule in trying to ruin our relationship with Christ cause he does indeed work overtime to lure us from the kingdom of Christ I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that your brain is suffering from abstinence from lack of sexual activity or thoughtpattern.

breaking the habit of lust is difficult due to several reasons and one of them is addiction. The areas of the brain related to arousal and sexual emotions physically grow larger when stimulated frequently.
The good news as far as brain structure concerns then is that for each day you go without giving into the addiction the more this area shrinks.

This is the reason why masturbation and lust in general doesn’t always quality as mortal sins cause it’s indeed addictive.

Do your best to avoid sinning and go yup confession when you fall and trust in Gods infinite mercy.
Also don’t despair it will get better as too age.

I’m in my midtwenties and I still struggle with this, but I’m struggle less now than I did just a few years ago.
Through aging and the help of Mary this is possible to beat.

God be with you friend.

The one doesn’t rule out the other.

Most of the time it does. Why would you insist on giving a young man the impression that his sexual desire comes from Satan?

Read post #3 please.
If you still think I’m insisting on the devil being responsible for his struggles then I cannot help you.

You rule out the devil and the impact he has in our lives which is contrary to Catholic doctrine.

While sexual desire is indeed deeply ingrained in our human nature and should hence be acknowledged healthily, I still wish to offer it to Jesus, so that I would not masturbate in semi-consciousness and instead prepare a gift of chastity as an enblem of my genuine love for my Lover.

Thank you for clarifying your position.

The OP is asking why Satan is giving him a ***** at 5 A.M. Yes, I’m ruling out Satan on this one.

Fine, but your OP is not “acknowledging sexual desire healthily”.

The reason probably is because, by drfinition, a mortal sin is committed under full consciousness, and I think I am quite conscious of what I am doing until after things have ended, when I so foolishly allowed my hands to be put at the wrong place instead of keeping the desire to the mind. I wish the desire be kept only within my brain - a potency not realized as an act.

It has much to do with age.

They younger you are, the more hormones you produce resulting in strong desires for sexual release.

Its a biological reality.

As you age, get married and have sex according to God’s design, the desire to masturbate lessons.

It doesn’t go completely away, but becomes more manageable.

According to one priest I heard on a men’s retreat, masturbation is the most common sin confessed by males. Females also confess the sin, but not near as much as males.

In all, it has more to do with our biology than Satan tempting us.

Priests are taught to deal with the age and frequency of masturbation when hearing confessions, as to the culpability.

As a wise old priest once told me, “until the reason not to commit the act becomes stronger than the desire, you will continue to give into it.”

This doesn’t mean we just throw up our hands and do it all we want.

Control of our sexual desires is important, but the REASON for doing it, must be for the good, which is getting closer to God.


I agree. I feel some people blame Satan too much for their own sins. I’m sure Satan is a threat, but most of the time we sin on our own.

That’s debatable. There are chemicals going off in your brain that are inhibiting your ability to think clearly. Your body is literally creating drugs inside yourself.

If we believe in God, why not the God-given power of Satan! Yes, it’s Satan!

God allows hardships, including temptations. There’s no small amount of mystery involved in why God allows us to be tempted. But if nothing else you can be sure this is an opportunity to grow in virtue.

Virtue is the practice of the thing.
Purity is a virtue. Purity is the practice of purity.
The word “practice” implies that this will not be a one and done temptation. Many people will be tempted for years on end.
Take it day by day and do not be discouraged. Your sexuality is a gift from God, and with maturity you can see it as a gift and not just an occasion for temptation and sin.

It’s part of nature. We have a natural inclination to sin. I’d say it is evil spirits and also yourself what you state happens for almost everyone it is part of our biology. It’s just evil spirits encourages you to act on it.

Some tips that might help.

  1. Sleep on your side perhaps so as to give ‘it’ more room and not have sheets touching to increase temptation. Might help.
  2. Put your hands under the pillow. The more you’d have to give in, the more opportunity to resist.
  3. Use the bathroom (for urination.) Might help since it relieves other pressures.

Chapter 1. Remote Preparation for Battles.

  1. It is not good to wait until the battle before having good weapons at hand. You must be ready.

  2. During the day you should always keep close to you some subjects that interest you greatly since you need these thoughts when the battles begin.

  3. As well you should have the ejaculatory prayers you use; they are like the cowboy’s revolver; when a devil suggests, you are quick to the draw with one of your “automatic weapons”. These should be well tested during the day so that they are quickly called upon in the moments of temptation. I suggest you have the following prayers as constant companions, later you will add others:

  1. Incline unto my aid o God, O LORD make haste to help me.

  2. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary!

Chapter 2. Getting to bed.

  1. By preference you should go to sleep at the same time and keep a regular hour.

  2. Do not go to bed until you are generally relaxed and ready. Avoid going straight from anything that has set the mind racing. (It is good to listen to quiet music or sing something, read from a book or any other kinds of quieting occupations as preparation for sleep.

  3. When ready, kneel and pray your night prayers taking special care never to omit the the Three Hail Mary’s calmly recommending yourself to your Blessed Lady.
    The Three Hail Mary’s are their own whole devotion. Briefly, it is a matter of this truth which I will lay out to you like this: 1) The principle is this; a child of Mary can never be lost. [taught by St Alphonsus] 2) St Alphonsus asks then, what is the minimum we need to do to be children of Mary? 3) He answers: We need to do anything, no matter how small, so long as it is constant. 4) What would this be? 5) Well, he says, the smallest, best and most-capable-of-being-constant devotion is to kneel each morning upon rising and each evening before retiring, and to say three times the Hail Mary in honour of the Immaculate purity of Mary [this is an old devotion by the way, not something he just made up] and between each Hail Mary to recite this prayer: “By Thy Immaculate Conception, O Mary, make my body pure and my soul holy. My Mother, free me this day/night from mortal sin.” (Learn this little prayer by heart and always say the Three Hail Mary’s at least kneeling down or, if it is possible, lying on the floor).
    Now I have said, do this peacefully. Even if you think you will be strongly tempted, take a moment of peace and calm; have confidence in Our Lady.

  4. In undressing before getting into bed, you should be careful not to look at your nakedness and you should not be totally exposed but always be at least half covered always. This is the virtue of modesty in action. Changing should be a brief matter so that you are only briefly half clothed while actually changing. It is not a good thing to ‘enjoy’ being without one’s clothes at night, feeling free; still you should not be fearful either. But the devil or the flesh sometimes take advantage of these things in the evening, when the door is closed and you are left alone. Thus, as part of your strategy, the night should not close with the body getting a dominance of attention; Psalm 4 says: In pace in idipsum dormiam et requiescam; In peace in the selfsame I will sleep, and I will rest: For thou, O Lord, singularly hast settled me in hope. (Sun Compline Ps.4) in the evening before bed you want internal harmony and God’s Presence and peace to dominate the night; not the body which should be attended to in a fleeting manner.

  5. When this is done, you turn your attention again to our Lord and our Lady; make the Sign of the Cross and get into bed for the night’s sleep. It is good to fall off to sleep with a prayer on your lips. For this I suggest that when the first prayers have been prayed from your heart, take you rosary beads and pray your ejaculatory prayers as in Ch. 1, point 3. Using the beads helps induce sleep since the moving of the fingers on the beads will soon slow up and you will fall off to sleep.

Chapter 3. The battle.

  1. The fight for chastity is on the level of thoughts before the physical level.
    When tempting thoughts come, you, without panic, will move them aside and dwell on the subject you had prepared that is interesting, so that the thought or images coming into the mind are not given time to remain in conversation with you.

  2. Do not go into head shaking and body stress to rid yourself of the thoughts as someone might do in a panic situation. This is no time for stress; simply move the thought from the suggestion/image to your interesting subject, that subject that interests you greatly.

  3. Then, keeping your composure and calm invoke the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (Cp. 1 point 3) and then begin the prayer Incline unto my aid o God; O LORD make haste to help me (this you begin now and keep at over and over) and you mark with your thumb a small cross on your forehead (this you do only once or if the battle were to last a long time, you could repeat it occasionally).

  4. With this action of prayer you are clearly showing that it is not your will to indulge the thoughts even if they were to keep coming. You are there fore not guilty of a mortal sin of thought.

  5. May it please God to have this sufficient to find sleep and the end of the battle.

Chapter 4. Thick of the Battle.
When the temptation breaks through the thoughts-alone level to the second level that causes physical arousal this is your defence plan:

  1. You find your sleeping position and clear away from your private part anything that can touch it or cause aggravation of the arousal; you never lie on your stomach, nor turn in bed in that direction, but turn as little as possible and always lifting the blankets to keep your private area clear from aggravating contact with bedclothes etc.

  2. Next you cross your arms across your chest (so that the wrists form an X, not tight but gently across your chest thereby keeping your hands well away from your genital area. This is an important rule never to be broken under any pretext.

  3. Do not allow the body to take on stress positions but only your normal potential sleep positions. This means you don’t, for example allow your leg muscles to tense up, nor stretch your legs, back, feet etc. Doing this makes everything more complicated; the body goes from temptations (which sometimes would be of quite short duration) to stress which becomes the new reason for not being able to fall asleep; lack of sleep then keeps temptations going and continues the state of arousal. Rather, you always maintain a calm sleeping posture, whatever is happening in the private area, knowing that sooner or later the body will return to its normal state and you will fall asleep.

  4. If the temptation persists your prayers continue from time to time (about every 15 minutes); they are confident prayers, not expressions of panic, (panic, fear, stress, worry etc. just keep you awake and prolongs the agony); your attitude is that you are waiting for sleep to come and you are calmly waiting for it without anxiety.

  5. You never permit yourself half-way actions. Things like ‘checking’ on the state of your private part – checking on the presence or absence of fluids, finding a reason for touching or looking at it; ‘relieving’ or pulling down the scrotum, or any other suggestions thrown up by nature or the devil that tend to prolong the temptation and increase the possibility of your being responsible for an ejaculation taking place by your actions. The whole genital area must be left completely alone, your mind is only on quietly getting to sleep by obeying these guidelines.
    If the above is the means of coping with the temptations everything else should be fine. There is no sin involved it is a victory and cause of merit to have endured it.
    I hope this is quite clear enough.

This was sent to me by a traditionalist priest many years ago :thumbsup:

Thanks for the useful practical tips!!

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